Notre Dame Letter

A friend was kind enough to pass this email to me. If you have the time, I would love for you to respond. I cannot tell you how important it is to respond to these attacks against our Catholic institutions, especially when the attacks come from within.

You won’t believe this…

The University of Notre Dame – a Catholic institution – is offering students “summer internship opportunities” at several notorious pro-abortion groups, including Emily’s List, Feminist Majority Foundation, and the United Nations Population Fund.

SIGN THIS E-PROTEST to get the internships removed

Your instant protest message will go directly to the president of Notre Dame, Fr. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., urging him to remove every pro-abortion organization for the list of “internship opportunities” now being offered by the university’s Department of Political Science.

It is highly scandalous for a Catholic university to encourage students to support groups that actively promote the sin of abortion.

For example, the Feminist Majority Foundation’s mission is to support…

“safe, legal and accessible abortion, contraception, and family planning, including Medicaid funding and access for minors.”

Other pro-abortion, anti-family groups listed on Notre Dame web site includes Human Rights Watch, Institute for Women’s Policy Research, National Women’s Law Center, Center for American Progress, and Think Progress – ALL PRO-ABORTION.

In addition to its pro-abortion stance, Think Progress recently criticized Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island, for defending traditional marriage.

Can you help me ramp up this protest?

Please sign your instant protest today – right now – here

And to give this peaceful effort much more impact, help me spread the word by forwarding this message to all your pro-life friends (or even your entire address book). You don’t need to be a student to participate.

With God’s help, the truth will prevail.

Fighting the good fight,

John Ritchie
Tradition Family Property
Student Action
, Director

P.S. – For more background information about this scandal at the University of Notre Dame, read this article. God bless you for defending the truth.

Contact information (please be firm yet polite):

The University of Notre Dame

Fr. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., President
400 Main Building
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Genesis is Only the Beginning

So in our deacon formation classes, we have a bit of an argument, and I thought it would be fun to air our dirty laundry all over the internet.

Okay, so it’s not all that, but we do get rather excited over this topic.

Is the creation account in Genesis historically accurate, or is it a mythological story designed to tell us more about our spiritual creation without attempting to explain actual events?

Now at first glance, you can see that this can ruffle some feathers. The implications to this question however reach even further, because how you answer this question puts a very different slant on the rest of scripture. Suddenly Job was never born, and Jonah never gets swallowed by a fish. This can even reach into the New Testament and make one question Jesus’ miracles.

This question is not a small one, and folks get really tied up about it.

I’m not going to tell you what I believe, nor am I going to expound the benefits and detriments to either position. I do however have a very serious point to make, and I don’t want you to miss it.

Neither view is the official teaching of the Church.

Yes, I’m serious, and both sides want to claim it is. But the truth is the Church has never defined the scriptures in this way.

Never. Ever.

In fact this question has been talked about by saints and sinners alike since the first century, without conclusion. Great men and women throughout history have held both views, so don’t go throwing quotes at me either.

I will add this too. The Church will not ever define this. Why?

Because scripture grows. It gets larger with every passing generation. It gets deeper, more full, and brighter. To close the Word down and try to shrink it to fit out times and thoughts is to try to stuff God Himself into a bottle. The Church will never do it.

So believe either with a free and open heart. Whatever you do, don’t criticize the other point of view as heretical or naive, as they are not. You can can be full of faith and love our Lord while at the same time believing in a seven day creation, or the majesty of God working through the mythology of man. It honestly makes little difference.

If it did matter, you can bet the Church would have defined it very clearly indeed.

Angry Mary

So I was in a church today, and I was looking at the obligatory statue of Mary. She looked mad. Now maybe it was just where I was sitting, but I mean she seemed to be scowling.

I know what you are thinking. “Geeze Dance, have a guilty conscience?”

Actually, not right now, I’m having a great day. I’m sure I should, but it’s raining, and that always just makes me too happy to feel like there is anything wrong in the world.

Nope, she just seemed angry, pissed off even. But it got me thinking about Mary’s emotions. Did Mary ever get angry?

Now I hear all the time how humble she was. Not arguing that for a second. I hear she was submissive. Well, that makes sense, every bible account of her shows her deep submission to God, so I imagine she was. We certainly can imagine her sad, she is after all, the woman pierced by seven swords.

Let’s really think about this though. We know that Mary was perfect. Mary Poppins has nothing on the real Mary, I mean Poppins was only practically perfect, the Blessed Virgin is the real deal.

Can that include anger?

Jesus was angry at times, we know that. He was also rather insulting at times. He had a tendency to get really emotional about hypocrisy and misleading the flock, and we all know at least one day when we wouldn’t want to be caught changing money in the temple.

So being angry at the right thing must actually be a good thing. I’m not saying anger as a rule is good, but it must be holy to get pissed at certain things, because our Lord gave us that example.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t have the answer to this question. This is just one of those many random thoughts that fly through my brain.

I would have to guess that she did. It would of course have to be holy, so maybe she got angry at abuse of the poor, or maybe she got angry when she heard of domestic violence in Nazareth.

It just an interesting thought to me, I have such a hard time imagining that Most Holy Woman with a scowl on her face. It just feels wrong somehow.

I, however, get very angry very easily, especially when I see something like this.

St. Joseph, Man Among Men

Today is the Solemnity of St Joseph, and I want you to do me a favor. Start this song, and read it as she sings it. I have seldom found a more telling picture of that blessed Christian hero.


We all feel like sometimes we have lost Jesus. Let him be your guide.I should let you know that I read through all my posts several times before I post them, and of course I just did what I am asking you to do.

I cried like a little girl. Don’t tell anyone.
My best wishes to you and your families on this most holy day.
Danielle Rose – “The Finding”


Twelve years ago it all began with an angel in my dream.
I took Mary as my wife, and we united in our holy virginity.
Simeon and Anna announced his destiny.
Who am I that God should be obedient to me?
One day a carpenter’s son will be nailed to a tree.

Three days ago I held my child’s small hands, 
God’s hands that made the morning.
I am father to a king who has not come to rule the world.
But now my child is gone – what have I done wrong?
God left me without warning!
Why would God cause me such distress?
Have I failed to live in faithfulness?

Where did you go, Jesus?
I’ve been searching for days,
Calling out your name with every prayer I pray.
See the tears of a father in search of a son.
I’m so afraid I did not know quite how to love.

Trouble is, I didn’t notice right away that you were gone.
I went searching for your presence among friends and family:
Never has one day felt so long.
I did not find you there so I turned right back around
Oh, where can my beloved child be found?
In the streets and squares of Jerusalem, 
Where is my beloved now?

Where did you go, Jesus?
I’ve been searching for days,
Calling out your name with every prayer I pray.
See the tears of a father in search of a son.
I’m so afraid I did not know quite how to love.

Desperate for grace, I went with Mary to the temple to pray.
We were astonished to find Jesus teaching the elders,
Who looked with wonder at his face.
I ran to embrace him.
“Oh son, why have you done this to us? 
We’ve been looking for you! We have been so anxious, so anxious…”

Jesus turned and said, “Why were you looking for me?
Did you not know that in my Father’s house I’d be?
You’re the earthly father of the heavenly Father’s son.
I will hide in your home till my hour comes.”

Jesus spoke in words I could not comprehend.
All I know is that my son was lost and has been found again.
I love him as my child but revere him as my God.
I’m the chosen father of the Lord’s own perfect love.
What joy it is to find God’s perfect love.
God’s perfect love.
Danielle Rose is truly one of the most gifted and heartfelt Catholic musicians out there, please check her out, and buy every album she has.
I promise, you will treasure them forever.

The Finding, written and performed by Danielle Rose, from the Mysteries CD, courtesy of World Library Publications. Danielle’s music is available on iTunes and at

Frisbee Golf

Last year, I decided that the girls needed a sport. Now i should warn you, that I’m way too overprotective. I wouldn’t let my kids do gymnastics because I was worried about their knees. I don’t let them walk around the block unless they have my Great Dane in tow. I have to personally interview the parents of any child they want to visit. I admit, I’m a bit ridiculous, but I just love those girls so much, and I want to send them off to college in one piece.

So they needed more exercise, and it had to be fun.
Dancing? Yea right, so I can blow an extra 200 bucks for a costume they will get to use once every time their teacher wants to put on a show. No way. (You ever notice how they like to plan those shows right in the middle of the busiest times of year?)
Maybe I could get them into a team sport like softball or soccer. Not a chance. I’m not giving up every evening for the next decade. Not going to happen. Especially when they have games on Sunday. No way.
So I was thinking golf. Golf is fun, you get to walk around outside. There is plenty of time to blabber about the weather. I like golf. Not to mention there is no injury as long as you don’t get mad enough to start throwing your clubs. Not only that, but it’s a sport you can do all of your life. It seemed like a great choice.
Then I went to see how much it would cost. Ouch. Nope, not going there.
Then we found disc golf.
Holy cow, this is some serious fun.
We got ourselves completely set up for under $100, and the courses around here are fun, public, and FREE.
I really, really like free.
So we go a whole lot, and to be honest, the girls seem to enjoy it, and do ask to go. I however have become a fanatic. It’s a bit silly, but I’ve got my little notepad, and I’m measuring my improvement with spreadsheets and graphs by the week, month and year. I’m totally crazy about it.
It’s just so darn relaxing, and at the same time a real challenge.
However, it all changed one day about six months ago.
I got a hole in one.
It was so beautiful. It was like the world just was turning at the right speed.
I screamed like a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert.
I’m thinking I should go professional.