Keeping Evil At Bay

It’s been a really rough few weeks, and I’m sorry I haven’t posted. We went on vacation to see my wife’s family for a couple weeks, and while we were away, the Lord blessed us by finally closing escrow our our new home. So you know that feeling when you get home from vacation that you need a vacation just to unwind from the trip? Well, I went right into moving furniture instead of relaxing. My goodness, I’m tired!

Anyways, when we got home, our first priority was to have the house blessed so that we could move in. I feel it is important to set Christ as my priority in all things, and simply refused to move a single plate from the kitchen until I had thanked the Lord for His blessing, and protected my home from any evil influence. So I called up a good friend of mine, (one of the deacons that talked me into entering formation) and he was kind enough to come over the day after we got home.

It was not a long, drawn out affair, we simply prayed a bit, read some scripture, and then we went around splashing holy water all over the place. There was however something that my friend said that really grabbed me, and I wanted to share it with you.

He said that our new home was now protected from all evil, except the evil we brought or invited into the house. That’s right, the blessing of the Church can only keep away the evil we do not invite in ourselves. He encouraged us to never invite evil into the house, but I wonder how easy a task that really is.

The internet for example, is such an easy way to invite evil into your home. Whether it be pornography, racism, gossip or hate speech, it is terrible easy to find evil online. We are literally just a few clicks away from bringing in the most evil images and ideas into our home that exist in the entire world. Yes, the internet has been a wonderful blessing, giving us the ability to connect with billions of other people around the world, but that comes at a cost. Just the stats for porn alone is rather surprising, but it is easy to forget that Facebook has more gossip than a southern beauty salon. We must be vigilant to not let ourselves fall down that slippery slope.

What about our friends? Who do we invite into our home? Do we invite people into our home just to sit around and talk badly about other people? Do we track in the evils we encounter at work and in the public sphere like mud on our shoes, letting our families be affected by it?

The truth is, in our modern world, we swim in an ocean of evil. There is nowhere you can go to escape it’s influence. Satan’s influence in this world is immense, and it takes hyper-vigilance to keep that evil at arms length. But at the very least, we can endeavor not to invite it in.