A Night Without Kids

My youngest daughter’s best friend had a birthday party last night, and being the prepubecent bundle of hormones that they are, they decided the best thing to do would be have a sleepover. So both my daughters were gone all night.

We were alone.

Party Time! Bust out the drinks and the dancing, it’s time to hit the clubs!

Well, at least that is what I was thinking in my head, but here’s how it actually played out.

First I picked up honey at work for lunch and took her to her favorite (but inexpensive) Chinese restaurant. While we had a great time, it was hardly romantic as the second we walked in, we saw some other folks she knows from work. As one of them was sitting alone, we invited him to sit with us and I got to sit there and listen to them talk about work.

Okay, I’m cool with that, I’ve got all night.

So later that evening she gets home, and after the hour long download of her day, I am finally allowed to speak, and suggest my Wild Disco Clubbing idea.

Shot down immediately, but I’m not phased.

So I suggest an evening stroll on the beach with a few suggestive hints as to where that could end. Hmm, that’s not happening either it seems.

She suggests the mall to look at stuff for the house we currently in escrow for.

The mall. How romantic. Okay, sure honey.

So off to the mall, she gets nachos, I get Subway, and away we go. Now I have a plan here. I’m going to make the best of this, so I spend the whole time teasing her and making rude suggestive comments. (What can I say, I’m a man, and my wife is beautiful) Now I’m not getting slapped, so I figure I’ll just keep going.

We went into this fancy bohemian furniture store, and this place is just awful. There is nothing in here that even remotly pleases me. It’s like some cross between a gypsy camp, an eighties nightclub, and a wicker revival. So I am naturally not all that interested. Then it happens. I hear Disco. Oh man, I love me some Disco.

So I’m walking around the store sporting all my best Disco moves while singing along to her across the aisles. The folks who work there are just snickering, but I don’t really care, I want to snicker at them for not shaking their tush a little. My wife of course is embarrassed and beginning to turn a lovely shade of beets. With disdain, she decided to remove me from the Disco. Sadness follows.

More shopping follows as my wife keeps asking me questions about what kind of style furniture I like. At some point she has an epiphany, I really don’t like any of her choices. I try to explain to her that it isn’t true, I really do like them, they just aren’t my favorite, but this is not getting me any points. Then in a typical moment of brilliance, I come up with the 1-10 scale. I let her know her stuff is an 8, and an 8 is a great compromise. She seems fine, but this will preoccupy the rest of the evenings conversation.

Off to home, and here’s where things get really sexy. (Children might want to cover their eyes!)

She goes off to the living room to work on her cross-stitch, and I head back to my office to finish up some extra work. We spend the next four or five hours doing just this. Every now and then one of us wants a snack, or has to get up to go to the bathroom, but here we are finally alone, and we are both in separate rooms, doing our own thing. I would have allowed the kids to see this, but I would hate for them to realize we are so boring.

(Okay kids, you can uncover your eyes now)

And there was our big night on the town. To be honest, I had the time of my life. Nothing beats just being with my wife, it’s pretty dang awesome.

(The night of course got far more awesome, but I don’t kiss and tell…)

A side note, I really do love Disco, and we lost one of the greats this week. God speed Donna Summer, I pray the Lord has Disco in heaven, and that we can shake our fannys with joy together when we get there.
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5 thoughts on “A Night Without Kids”

  1. Yeah – I know EXACTLY how you feel/felt during that day. My wife and I are 91 days, 7 hours and 14 minutes from being empty-nesters…… We will be married for 27 years in September and its been 25 years since we were without kids. So we cherish those days when we are alone.

    Just like you, I have felt disaster snatched from the jaws of victory….. 🙂

    Anyway, it does make the times we can spend time alone together that much more sweet!

    1. I am simply terrified of being an empty nester. What will I do when I don’t have the kids anymore? They are my entire life, and without them I’m just not sure what I’ll do.

      I’ve still got a good eight years, but I already cringe at the thought. It’s not that Kim and I don’t have a great time alone, it’s just that I love them so dang much.

      1. Remember those days when you were courting and just so excited to see the other or talk to the other on the phone? For hours?

        And your heart almost popped out of your chest when you sat next to her at the theatre?

        And a goodnight kiss kept you going for a whole week and made the drive home bearable?

        Well, it will be the same except only BETTER plus she knows ALL about you – and still loves you anyway! Oh yeah, and the evening won’t end on the doorstep… (literally or figuratively).

        Now THAT is love 🙂

        1. The picture you paint is indeed something to look forward to, and the Lord knows how deeply I love that fine lady that condescended to marry me. So you bet I look forward to having her all to myself. (As for the doorstep, I am sooo with you there. Dating sucks, marriage takes awesome to a whole new level.)

          But I still must be honest.

          Children are my prime addiction. What excites me most about the kids leaving is the possibility of grandkids to dote on!

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