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About me pages always feel silly. First off, you know it’s the page people are least likely to read, and truth be told, in your heart, you know you aren’t really all that interesting. Sigh, here goes.FarrellPhotography_net-IMG_8465I was raised in the foothills of the sierra mountains in California. (Yes, that means no surfing, sorry to shatter the dreams of anyone who thought all Californians must surf.) As a young man, I lived a rather transient life, traveling and living out of my trusty Volkswagen bus that wasn’t all that trusty. At some point my bus could handle no more, and I settled into a job at Yosemite National Park. Then my lovely bride, Kim walked into the park for a summer job, and I was hooked. When it was time for her to leave, I surprised everyone I knew, and jumped in her car to drive back to Mississippi. We were soon married and 13 years later, I must say it has been bliss. She is my best friend, and the best person I know. (It doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous!)

beautifulfamilyAt this point, I should settle that main curiosity. I know, where did I get that silly name. No, my mother is a fine woman and would never punish a baby with such oddity. Blame it on drugs and wild living. I changed my name at 19, and by the time I got wise, I had met my wife. This may shock you, but your new wife is even less excited about you changing your name back then your mother was when you changed it originally. Who knew? Well, at least it’s easy for people to remember.

We have two daughters, and we homeschooled them until high school. I guess I didn’t mind sending them to high school, since I teach there! The greatest blessing in homeschooling was simply time. I look at so many families who hardly have time to talk, let alone pray together. Yes, we took a big hit financially, but I wouldn’t give up a moment with them for all the money in the world.meandmygirlsWe live in the some of the most beautiful country in the USA, coastal cliffs drenched with fog and mist, capped by the tallest trees in the world, the redwoods. If God made a place perfect for me, this is it. Any time I feel like it I can drive to the beach, or to the middle of virgin forest in less then 15 minutes. I am also rather sensitive to heat, and here it pretty much stays between 50-75 degrees. What’s better, is there is very little of that pesky sunshine. Cool fog, mist, rain and overcast days are the blessed norm. It’s a bit of heaven on earth.

farrellchristmasI am a theology teacher for a Catholic School, and I absolutely love it. I cannot believe that God has gifted me with the opportunity to talk about my faith all day long, and to young people I love as well. I am so blessed, it is ridiculous!

I was ordained to the sacred order of deacon in the Santa Rosa Diocese in September of 2016.myordinationGod has blessed my life, and I am ever so thankful. It is my desire to spend my life returning this gift to everyone I can in every way I can. Through my work, my family, my time at church, my time teaching to my time in service, it is my desire to return the gifts I have been given to those they were given for. Thank you most gracious Lord for all that I am, and help me to serve you ever more.

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The Ramblings, Teachings and Archive of a Catholic High School Theology Teacher, and Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church.