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Facebook Apologetics

Le Sigh.

I am so easily amused, it’s really sad.

So I was browsing through Facebook a few days ago, and I get a note from a friend, asking for a bit of help with a friend of hers. It seems he has some questions about a photo she posted of Mary. Oh man, I so know where this is going.

You see, I’ve been here before. What starts as a quick, “Sure, I’ll answer your question!” quickly grows into a week long answer every attack that can be made about the Church, and be quick about it. Oh yea, and don’t make it too long, because this is Facebook, so all your answers have to fit in these cute little boxes.

Ugh, I hate it. Well, that’s not true actually, I love it. I just hate the little boxes. How the heck am I supposed to distill 2000 years of teaching into a few short one liners? Dangit, I don’t think in sentences! I think in paragraphs! I am simply not made for this task, I just talk too much. I feel handcuffed by the dang format.

So I do the exact opposite of course, and write for 15 minutes to really explain why we call Mary the Ark of the Covenant, and what do I get? A one line reply, with another snappy attack on the Church thrown in.

Again, Le Sigh.

This is the real problem with explaining the faith in the modern age. People can’t think all that much. They are too used to reading bumper stickers to understand complex topics. It just doesn’t work that way in the real world, but that is still what everyone expects. Well I’m sorry, but the truth is simply more complicated than that, it really isn’t that simple.

Let me put it this way, I could come out and say something like “The earth goes around the sun.” If I am asked to prove it, at every turn I am going to be thrown down, because while the concept is rather simple, there is really a whole lot of complicated things that go into it.  I have to explain gravity, the idea of satellites, or eternal falling. I have to explain that there is an equal and opposite reaction in the sun us as well. It’s really just not simple. So when you question me, you sure as heck better be ready to think about the answer.

If however, you get surprised when the answer is not easy to come to, you have no right to be shocked, and pretend that I don’t know what I’m talking about, because it SHOULD be simple. Where the heck is it written that it should be simple? It isn’t!

The same is true in faith. We have long tested, deeply thought out understandings of how we have found what is true, and we usually distill it down to a simple idea. Mary is the Mother of God. God is a Trinity. The Church is the Body of Christ. Yes, these are simple, but if you want to really challenge them, you better be ready for the answer, and not expect to find it in a cheesy one liner. You will find no cheesy one liners here!

All that being said, I still just love to explain our faith, and if it has to be done on Facebook, bring it on. I just have to learn to be a whole lot less wordy.

I will not however, have this discussion on twitter or by txt, so don’t even ask.


Why Do You Visit My Blog?

I have a rather silly little hobby. Whenever I remember to sit down and write a post, I take a look at who visited my site, and I try to figure out why they came. I think it’s really rather funny.

So I thought for today, I’d share with you the information I gleaned from yesterday.

Yesterday was a good day volume-wise. I had 237 folks take a look. They promptly realized that I am a terrible writer, so 75% of them said “Forget this, I’m off to other things.” Well, I can’t hold the attention of my daughters for 2 minutes, so I can hardly expect to hold anyone else’s for that long.

Here is where the fun starts. Where did they come from?

Well, most of my traffic yesterday came from the support of other great bloggers throwing my links and posts up, but there is always a ton from the good old search engines, especially Google. So what did they search for that brought them here?

Well, ten folks were just interested in “four leaf clovers”. I guess that just makes me lucky.

I have one here who was interested in “methods for washing feet”. Phew, glad I don’t have that problem, hope I helped.

“How to decorate a dead tree” I have always wanted to get into exterior design, maybe I missed my calling.

“4 Yaprakli Yonca” I have no idea what this is, but it brought them here. I bet they were just thrilled to land on my blog.

I think I am using my Nazi = Abortion metaphor too much, as someone looking for “Nazis killing Jews” found their way here. I’m sure to be entered into some white supremacy blacklist soon.

“Love Handshake” I’m not sure this site really has what you are looking for…..

“Should Not.” Really? That brought you here? How?

Now I just love that the internet thinks of me when it thinks of “Boys in the mud.”

Now here I have to be careful. I really don’t want people to get the wrong idea when they “Put kids in the closet.”

“You’re such a deacon” Makes it sound like a really nasty thing doesn’t it?

“Gift idea for someone who is ordained as a deacon in the catholic church” Oh man, I should put in some recommendations for this one. I’m thinking they would just love a years supply of pizza.

“How to make a blanket mattress fort” I didn’t even realize anyone knew about my secret childhood passion.

“How to bi locate” Don’t worry my friend, I will be giving lessons at some point for the low, low price of $99.95. Results not guaranteed.

Mr Know it All, My Hero

And my personal favorite, because they finally found who they were looking for, “Know it all person.”


Easter Blues / WordPress Move

This is the holiest week of the year. Every day is a Sunday this week. But I am so exhausted I just want to curl into a ball and go to bed.

It’s like this every year. I put so much effort into Holy Week, that Easter week is usually spent in recovery. I’m just beat down tired. I should be stepping up the feast, but the truth is, I don’t even want to cook dinner. Heck, I don’t even want to leave the house.

Chocolate Bunny with tilted eats

There is one shining light in this though. My daughter’s friends all have the week off, so I have free entertainment running around the house all week as the sleepovers and field trips commence. Yes, they are a noisy lot, but as long as I hide in my man cave, (otherwise known as office) I have quiet peace to mull in. Praise the Lord for man cave.

So yesterday, in an effort to remain in the only quiet place in my home and still feel productive, I finally made the switch to

Now this may seem a rash decision, but the truth is I have been thinking about it for quite a while. The rest of this post will probably only interest other bloggers or people interested in starting blogs.

Now I should let you know, my goal was not to trade one platform for another. It was to be able to have my own platform completely. Let me explain.

There are other blogging sites out there, I’m sure, but the main guys are Blogger and When I got this crazy idea to start a blog based on my formation process, I simply looked at my favorite few blogs, and did what they did. It worked great, and I was happy with it.

Moving Boxes

Having spent years in website design though, I kept running up against little walls in my site design. Now in honesty, these were few, and I was usually able to find some workaround to get it to still look good, but nothing like what I actually wanted. A great example for this would be comments. I hated the blogger commenting system, and the only way I could get it close to how I wanted was by adding a third party plugin. But this was unwieldy and unfamiliar to readers, and therefore many just were not leaving comments. Arrg.

The truth is, I like to be able to have complete control over what my site looks and feels like, and I kept feeling like I was being put in a Blogger cookie cutter.

Now moving to would not do me any better. I would run into the same problem. Then I found out there were actually two WordPresses, a CMS called, and a blogging site called Having built several sites in Joomla, I knew was the way to go.

Man yelling at computer

There was an impetus of time though to get this done if I wanted to get it done right. My site is growing extremely fast, (and I am oh so very thankful!) and I would like to be switched before it grew too much.

Now I’ll be honest, I’m still learning a new system, so I have not reaped any benefits as of yet. I can however already see the potential with WordPress is going to outstrip Blogger with ease. I’m really rather excited.

My wife just thinks I’m easily amused.


Moving to WordPress

I like blogger, don’t get me wrong. It’s really rather impressive.

I just don’t like being told no.

If I want to put something on my site, I don’t want to ask permission, so I’m switching to I am hoping this move will be permanent.

Now I’ll be honest, I am not a technical wiz, so I expect the site to be a bit of a mess for a day or two while I get everything transferred over and all the links built, but I should be up and running in no time.

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience. (Pray for me!)