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Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

There are few blogs that I follow regularly, in fact, there are less than ten. So when one of my personal favorite bloggers sends me a recognition of some kind, I can’t help but be thankful for the notice from someone I personally read so regularly. You see, I’m a homeschooling father, and to beContinue Reading


So my daughter had her birthday today. Let me tell you, nothing makes you feel your age like the age of you children. So I can feel as youthful as I please, but the sad truth is, my youngest daughter is eleven. Sheesh. With eleven come The Changes. Yes, they have already started of course,Continue Reading


I love my kids, don’t get me wrong. I love them bunches. I feel like something is truly missing from my life if they are not in tow at every moment. They went to Grandma’s house for a week. Now I admit, I had heart pangs. I was sad to drop them off, and knewContinue Reading


Argh. My kids drive me crazy. Every day, I assign them work to do on their own, an opportunity for them to learn some responsibility, some diligence, and a chance for me to get some of my work done without standing over them, actively teaching them. Guess what? My kids aren’t all that great atContinue Reading

iPods Have Destroyed My Home

I don’t care if they are listening to Danielle Rose or Andrea Bocelli. If I’m calling my daughters, and they don’t answer, I’m not happy. When I was a kid, I was no better of course. I would hide in my room with my little radio listening to my music as loud as it wouldContinue Reading

Boys in Trouble

Once an a while I get are real treat. I get to discipline boys. This is double the fun since I only have daughters. One of the things many homeschoolers do is co-op classes. We all go to each others homes and have classes for things we teach rather well. For example, I teach aContinue Reading

Salve Magister!

Every Friday, my entire morning is flat out booked up. There is no point scheduling anything before 1:00, because there is no chance I can make it. Friday, is Latin day. We have a group of homeschoolers that all converge on my house at around 9:30, and from that moment until the last one leaves,Continue Reading

The Sound of Music

Right now I am being blessed. If you walked into my house at this moment, you might not think it is so, but I assure you it is true. You see, my daughters are performing their mandatory half hour of musical jubilation. I am completely aware they do not feel jubilant about it, and to be honest,Continue Reading