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Supreme (Court) Frustration

I have been pretty quiet over the last couple weeks, I just haven’t been inspired to write. It’s not that there haven’t been issues to write about, I just haven’t felt that there was anything that I really needed to say.

I do however feel it is my duty to write something about the decision rendered by the Supreme Court on the HHS mandate. That is not however a very simple task. I’m not a lawyer you see, and neither am I a political man. In honesty, I never really see myself as having an option to be politically minded due to the great evils in our nation that I am required by my conscience to vote against. I can’t really sit back and be thoughtful about the economic recession for example, because I have to vote against the holocaust of abortion. This puts me well out of practice for this kind of task.

I should say right up front that I do not believe the federal government should have this power. I hold to the idea the founding fathers had that no greater power should do what a lessor power can do for itself. I feel the Supreme Court was designed to protect the people from a large federal government, and that it has failed miserably in that duty, especially by allowing so much law to be passed under the commerce clause. In fact I find it shameful they have allowed so much power from the states and counties of this country to be handed to the larger and less trustworthy federal government.

All that baggage aside though, I realize that this Supreme Court decision is a landmark one, and as it directly deal with Catholic issues, I know that I must weigh in with my small voice. I have purposefully not read any other opinions on this matter, so any similarity with other thoughts is not intended.

I think there is no job in this country I would like less that to be on the Supreme Court. It is such a bad job, that I think I would actually prefer even being President to being on the Court. And that is really saying something, because I would never, ever want to be President. Let’s take a serious look at what the Court actually has to do here. Their task is to lay aside any and all personal reservations, and do their absolute best to follow the letter of the law as it relates to the Constitution. I’m not saying that’s what they do, but that is what they are supposed to do.

That is why I’m not disappointed in Roberts here. At first blush, I admit I was really pissed off, I had really hoped that this would just end this problem once and for all. All the other conservatives on the Court voted against it. And then I had the sense of betrayal as I found out that it was Roberts that was the swing vote here. Dangit, I thought this one was going to be on our side, and I felt he flat out left me hanging.

Then I actually took the time to read what he said. Check this out.

“Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness.”

In other words, “America, this is your idea. It’s not my job to tell you you aren’t allowed to push your car off a cliff if that’s what you really want to do.” So while at first I was downright ticked off that this decision didn’t go my way, I have to admit, he’s right. It isn’t the Court’s job to protect us from our own stupid mistakes.

Now I’m going to pass on whether or not this is an issue against religious liberty, as that was not what was brought to the bench. Neither am I going to get all pissy because the Court decided that since the law called it a “penalty” and not a “tax” that it doesn’t go against the Anti-Injunction Act, yet at the same time the Court held up the power of mandate because it WAS a tax, and Congress has taxation rights. Yes, only a lawyer could get away with such double talk, and I’m sure in their minds that makes perfect sense. (It of course, makes no sense at all.)

The real issue here is we have made our bed, and we have to sleep in it. We can’t really expect to allow this kind of nonsense pass through Congress and expect the courts to save our tush for our stupid mistakes. We have to fight this from the ground, and fight it with all of our might, at the very least, until we are allowed to follow our Catholic consciences within our Catholic institutions.

Personally, I would like to see the whole health care plan go out the window, but that is because I just don’t see health care listed in the constitution as a federal responsibility. (Remember? No greater power should do what a lessor power can do for itself?) If such laws are needed, I just don’t feel it’s the federal government’s responsibility to enact those laws. I do however take great issue with the idea that they can sweepingly violate so deeply the 2000 year old moral conscience of the Catholic Church. I think it is flat out evil. So we must continue to fight this, continue to write letters, continue to make this the main issue. We can’t let this just slide by, as it the first step of many, that must necessarily end with Catholics being martyred in the public square.

Go Vote. Seriously.

Tomorrow is the day. I don’t care if it is raining. I don’t care if you are busy.

It’s time to get to business.

If you haven’t registered to vote, shame on you, but do it tomorrow. That way you’ll be all ready come November.

If you are registered, it is your duty to vote, so get to it.

If you need help finding out who to vote for, there are plenty of good guides online to help you out. As for my help, here are some thoughts for you to consider.

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Happy voting, and may God guide this election for the uplifting of the USA and her people.

The Only Issue

Yesterday i said something with the full expectation that I would get called out. I said that looking towards the next election, the ONLY issue of any real and deep importance was the question of Catholic institutions being told to include abortificants, birth control and sterilizations in their health care plans.

No one yelled. I was shocked.

I fully expected folks to go on a tirade about how abortion, the death penalty, embryonic stem cell research and all the other intrinsic evils that we as Catholics must fight are really important issues too.

Well, yes and no.

Yes, they are all extremely important, because as Catholics, we cannot stand with evil. We must fight it at every turn. We must vote against it, speak against it, and where possible, responsibly act against it. I’m all there.

But my answer is still no. This issue is more important.

Why am I so die hard on this? I mean, it’s just birth control right? Its not like everyone out there isn’t using the stuff anyways right? Heck, even a ton of Catholics are using it, and that means its not a big deal, right?

Yes. It’s the biggest deal and here is why.

Abortion is a terrible thing. The thought of babies being murdered really bothers me, very deeply. I am extremely appalled at the idea of embryonic stem cell research. I am appalled at anything that assaults human life.

But I’m not being mandated to do it personally.

I am not ordered to kill my own children. I am not personally commanded to flip the switch on the electric chair. I am not forced to personally fund human cloning.

But soon, I can be forced to pay for someone else’s sterilization, abortion, or birth control, all of which I find evil to the core, mandated by the very government that supposedly supports my religious freedom.

Oh yes, this is the ONLY issue.

This issue is not about old men in funny hats making moral choices that are behind the times. (Not that I think that is the case of course!) This is an issue about every man, woman and child in this country having the freedom to do what they know is right. This is about the right to follow your conscience. This is way above a simple moral choice.

Welcome to the first great step. This is the first step that must be taken to take your freedom completely. If they can make this seem like no big deal, then the bar will be raised next time around. Do we really want to live in a society where our government decides what is morally okay, and then forces that morality on its citizens? This is starting to sound downright communist, and I think we have every reason to be very concerned.

Catholics are the first easy target. All you have to do is turn on the TV to realize that most of America thinks of Catholics as either a bunch of silly, demon fearing exorcists who are so into their own guilt that they cannot live their lives, a bunch of sexually perverted old men, or as the great evil organization bent on controlling the world through evil crusades and inquisitions. (Thanks Hollywood, I really appreciate the stereotyping) So who cares what they think, right?

The truth is, however, that the Church is the last great bastion of what is true and just, and if the Church can be taken down in small little pieces, all other Christian denominations will follow. The slow destruction of truth will not end until there is no truth left.

Fight this with all your might. There have been many small steps towards darkness in our lifetime, but this is one giant leap.

Stand by your bishops now. This is not the time to falter.


Religion is Irrelevant

How many time have you heard this? Every time I get into a political discussion, whether it be about moral evils like abortion or gay “marriage”, or if I am talking economics or health care, some yahoo eventually will spit out that religion has no part in the conversation, as it is entirely irrelevant.

Where the heck did they pick up this nonsense? Religion isn’t only relevant, it’s the single most relevant issue out there. Nothing compares to its direct impact on literally everything we do and think as human beings.

Over the last 2000 years, every war has had a religious component. Every year of peace has had a religious component as well. Not relevant? Are these people just idiots, or did they just drop out of history class?

Somewhere along the last 60 years America has adopted this really odd stance of “separation of church and state”. I have no idea how a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote became national gospel, but as much as I respect Jefferson, not only is it nonsense, but it has no basis in reality, and certainly no basis in law. How did this come to be considered as such? When did our constitutional clause not allowing the government to establish its own religion become a wall against religious dialogue? This is just crazy. Our forefathers must be turning in there graves.

I would go even further. I would say that as things stand, our government is trying to break this clause. If we are not allowed to bring our religious viewpoints to the political sphere, then politics have become atheist. I am beginning to believe that the government IS establishing a religion, or a rather, a lack of it. This really sets my teeth on edge, and puts deep fear in my heart. Our forefathers had the brilliant idea of letting people choose and live out our own beliefs, and our current politicians have decided to take that right away.

Not relevant? Are you kidding? We have the makings of war on our hands.

So this current debacle with Obama requiring faith organizations to violate their ancient consciences is no laughing matter. It is a direct assault against our entire being, and a rude slap in the face against our constitutional right to exercise our beliefs freely. Don’t think this is a non issue, this is the ONLY issue.

“I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison, and his successor will die a martyr in the public square.” – Francis Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago


Two Of Me Is One Too Many

Well, my title is not exactly true. One of me may be too many!

Luckily for us, this issue is not currently on the table. Human cloning is currently illegal in every nation in the entire world. (I think; I could only find reports to 2005.) Even the UN has tried to make this a worldwide law. Everyone seems to get that this is a really bad idea. That means this should not influence you vote in the coming elections. (phew!)

Just so that we know what is going on here though, our idea of what human cloning is all about is often misunderstood. When we imagine cloning, we usually imagine some full grown copy of ourselves walking around. While this is certainly a possibility that is present, it is not the main focus of why scientists are interested in cloning.

The first, and major reason that scientists are interested has to do with Embryonic Stem Cell Research. The ability to continually create new test subjects from the same genetic material would greatly increase their supply, as well as establish a pretty solid control for their experiments. Please notice that these clones would still be entirely human, just as they are when these embryos are gathered from in vitro fertilization discards.

If you want more info as to why this is a bad idea, please read my post on Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

There is another reason why cloning is very interesting to scientists, and that is the possibility of replacing organs and other body parts. That’s right, they grow a new version of you, all nice and healthy, lobotomize the poor guy, and give you his or her organs. The best part is, it’s your DNA, so everything should match up perfectly. The bad part is, the clone had to die to give it to you.

That’s right, imagine raising a child who’s only purpose was to die so you could gut him for your own benefit. Sounds great huh? I mean,it’s not a real person right? The trouble is, by all intensive purposes, it is a real person.

Think of it as the new slavery, but instead of making your slave do manual labor, you just gut him for his innards. Not a pretty thought, and I am thankful that the entire world seems to agree. (for now)

The day will come when you will hear about the miraculous benefits of human cloning, and why it should be made legal. Don’t listen to any of it, it is a bunch of hogwash. And that day will come.

Well that about wraps up my voting guide, I hope that it was able to shed some light on the major issues we have to deal with in the upcoming years as we look at and evaluate potential candidates. I would strongly suggest that you take these attacks against human life and the family very seriously, and take real action. The best way to do this is to get out there and vote.

There is one other issue that is important, but as it is so vital to the upcoming election, I really wanted to set it as its own issue. I imagine I might take a break from the heavy stuff for a few days, but look forward to discussing Birth Control, and Religious Liberty in the near future.