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Embryphonic Steam Sells Research?

Have you ever noticed that great evils are hidden in confusing words? Hitler’s “Final Solution” sounds rather positive, like everything is going to be fixed. “Eugenics” sounded so scientific that it was taught in most colleges, even to the point that here in America, that Land of the Free, we had laws for the sterilization of what we termed “imbeciles”. Makes Eugenics sound a bit darker when you think of it in that light. This couching of evil realities behind confusing or positive sounding words has a long history.

So to the task at hand, What exactly IS Embryonic Stem Cell Research? Why all the fuss? Most of us see the “Embryo” in there, does it have to do with studying babies? Oh my, I wish that was all it what it was about.

There comes a point in the life of a baby where their cells are rapidly multiplying, and the individual cells that make up that embryo can become any cell that they need to be. Bone, brain, liver skin, makes no difference, and not only do they have this amazing transformative ability, they also will multiply faster than kids when you advertise free pizza. They are truly amazing. I’m not surprised that scientists are curious.

But there is a problem. They are babies. And yes, babies really are amazing, but that doesn’t mean we can kill them because we are curious about how they work, or because someone else might want to grow something from their body parts. That’s just crazy. You don’t cut off little Johnny’s head so that Grandma Francis might be able to get a new liver, even if Little Johnny didn’t eat all his brussels sprouts.

That is exactly what Embryonic Stem Cell Research is.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research is the hot topic, but there are other fields of research that belong on the same chopping block. Fetal Research and Fetal Tissue Transplantation Research both use aborted fetuses as their test subjects. Also, like Embryonic Stem Cell Research, In Vitro Fertilization Research uses embryos that are planned to be discarded as their prime test subjects.

So we have two issues present. Not only are we experimenting on human beings, but we are also creating a market for their death. Do we really want to traffic in the bodies of our slaughtered babies? Should we really be buying and selling these dead children? Do we really want to help abortionists to make a larger profit?

With Embryonic Stem Cell Research, they use embryos that were not implanted during in vitro fertilization. Let me explain how this works. Let’s say a couple wants to have a baby, but they are having trouble. So they decide to have a baby implanted in the mother’s womb. So they take some eggs from mom, and some sperm from dad, and some technician in a lab makes magic happen and makes up a ton of babies. Well, not all these babies can be implanted, in fact, usually they only need one. What to do with the rest of these babies in petri dishes? Well, normally we’ll just flush them down the toilet, but now we can sell them for dissection! Win for everyone! Except of course, the babies.

Again, we don’t need to be buying and selling people. In this case, these people are still alive. This is akin to slavery, except its slavery where we slice off arms and legs whenever we feel like it. Really icky stuff. As a side note, you may have noticed that I feel pretty darn uncomfortable with In Vitro Fertilization as well. I’ll have to save that for another day.

This is one of those prime examples where people have a tendency to think with their emotions rather than with their noggins. To most people, an embryo is really too mysterious to deal with in their minds. Many seem to think since there is a lack of eyes or ears, that this embryo is somehow not a person. I don’t blame them, it’s hard to look at something that the size of a bean and see the humanity in it when you are used to humans being a very different size and shape. I have always felt it is akin to vegetarians who won’t kill cute little animals because they have eyes that can stare back at them, while they can slaughter carrots with glee, because their “kind” of life is less valuable in their eyes. It might work in the emotions of the moment, but it doesn’t stand up to logic. Both the carrot and the bunny have life, have the ability to grow, mature, and become more than they are now. Death takes that from them, and just because one is more like us, and one is less, does not take away the value of that life.

The same is true with people, but to a higher degree. Just because someone is different than us does not give us the right to assign the quality of their life, be it race, family, age, mental ability, or their developmental progression. In the words of Suess, “a person is a person, no matter how small.”

We are at an interesting point in the existence of man, because we can now see what none of our forebears could see. Life at its earliest stages is miraculous, and was invisible to us since the dawn of time. Never for a moment did we ever think that the child inside a woman was not a child. We always knew, even if we could not see. Only now, when we can see, do we begin to question, and while I respect asking the question, I am ashamed at how it has been answered.

I  cannot vote to allow that answer. Life begins as it always has, at conception. There is no other moment that makes sense to me in any logical way. I must protect human life at all costs, and that is all there is to it. I cannot support the dissection of live babies, nor can I accept the buying and selling of dead ones. I cannot support the killing of babies to find cures for others. To vote to allow any of these evils is to be a part of it, and I will not do it, no matter how much I want my taxes lowered.


Some people are downright nasty.

I don’t mean that as a put down, I’m just being frank, some people really are. I’m not sure if it’s due to some chemical imbalance or bad upbringing, but some people seem to be just born mean.

There are some that are worse. Some are born killers.

I’m not making excuses for them. I am merely saying that things are what they are.

To try to imagine what it would feel like if one of these people hurt my little girls is something I cannot even think about. The amount of pain that would bring me in indescribable. My heart goes out to those who have been hurt by such evil, and I feel we should help them in every way possible.

But killing the killers is simply not a solution that I abide. I refuse to become evil, just because someone committed and evil act against me or those I love. This is not a question of turning the other cheek, this is a question of the survival of my own morality in dark times.

Life must be precious to us for us to maintain our humanity. Life in the womb, life in our autumn years, life in saints, and life in sinners, it all must be precious to us. For us to take it, there simply must be a better reason than revenge.

There are times when the death penalty is appropriate. This is actually rather easy to assertain. If the murderer is unstoppable, and we have no way to take away his ability to kill, we are allowed to take his/her life as a protection of our own. For example, if a soldier on the battlefield goes crazy and starts killing his comrades, and you are far from friendly lines, you may not have a choice. If you allow him to live, he may pick everyone off, one by one. Another example would be a tribe living in isolation who has no ability to hold a criminal for an extended period of time. To make it simple, if the man can be incarcarated, then you can’t kill him. If there is no way to hold him, and he continues to be a threat, then for the protection of life, you may end his.

The key here is “for the protection of life”. No one can seriously suggest that we do not have the ability to incarcerate a criminal or that that person continues to be a threat to the average person. He is locked up tight in our culture. The only reason for killing him at this point is for revenge.

Revenge. No, I will not become evil for the sake of one who is evil. To be honest, I feel a lifetime without liberty is a far better punishment anyways.

There is another thing to think about. The reality is, we have killed men who were innocent. One such death should be enough cause to end this forever, and yet, it goes on. I simply cannot trust any human system with the choice between life and death, not only because it is wrong, but because we make mistakes.

I can’t vote for murder at any time. I cannot allow murder to be socially acceptable. I totally understand that there is darkness in the world that we must deal with, but I refuse to let death be the answer. 

Marriage Confusion

Fifty years ago this would have been a no-brainer, but today, expect to be hung on a cross if you even suggest homosexual “marriage” is anything but the most perfectly acceptable thing. How has this happened? What has changed in the psyche of man that would account for this massive shift in our way we view relationships? How can I explain the deep seated issues with this idea while still showing compassion towards those who have this problem? Did I already ostracize them by calling it a problem?

This issue is really hard for me to talk about for two reasons. The first is that I grew up in California, which is probably the homosexual capital of the world. I have been surrounded by the homosexual agenda my whole life, and so it is hard for me to see the issue clearly while I live surrounded by it. The second issue, and the one deeper to my heart, is the fact that I have a close family member who I love and cherish very deeply who is homosexual. If there ever was someone who really has this problem naturally, it is this young man. He is burly, tough, manly, and has never been interested in a girl, ever. He is not a case of social engineering, I promise you. I would never want him to think I had anything but the deepest respect, love, and admiration for him.

But were he to decide to get “married”, I could not go. Do I want to support him? Do I want him to be happy? Don’t I want him to feel love? Of course I do, but I know that he cannot find it there, even if he doesn’t.

Sigh. Let’s start from the beginning.

My issue is not with homosexuality. I don’t care what science says, I know there are some people born this way, as I have watched this happen in my own experience. I cannot say otherwise with a good conscience.

My issue is not with homosexual sex. (Did he just say that?!) Well, that’s not what I mean. What I mean is I don’t feel any differently about homosexual sex than I do about any other sex that happens outside of marriage. I truly feel they are both fundamentally wrong. Do I see homosexuality as unnatural? Yes I certainly do, but then I would have to quanitfy what is natural in everyone’s sex life and I’m just not willing to go there. I think two men having sex is as bad as a man or woman having sex with someone other than their spouse, or having premarital sex. Sex outside of marriage is fundamentally a really bad idea, and can only bring hurt to those involved. I’ll save that post for another day.

My issue is with homosexual “marriage”, and it has two main problems as I see it.

The first is that I see this as a gateway. Right now the issue is with with a same sex couple wanting to spend their lives together as a married couple. It will not stay there, I promise you. If we allow this, the boundary will be pushed further. Soon the issue will be whether or not you can have three person relationships. Then it will be open polygamy. All of this will happen one step at a time. Already the seeds are being sown, we already have had a reality TV show based on a polygamous marriage, and let me tell you, it showed them in the best light possible, getting us ready for the issue.

I hate to even post his in writing, but that is just where it begins. I promise you that NAMBLA (The national man/boy love association) is watching this issue with baited breath, waiting until it’s their turn to challenge the status quo. Think I’m being extreme? You did hear that fifty years ago, where we are at would have been considered extreme, right?

This ever consistent degrading of the family structure will continue if left unchecked. Don’t think this darkness started with homosexuality though, this started in the fifties with divorce. Divorce too used to be an ugly word, and stigmatized by society. Now it is the norm. THE NORM! I think we all know how terrible this has been for families. Homosexual marriage is just the next step down the road to the oblivion of the family.

The second issue I have with homosexual “marriage” has nothing to do with society, it has to do with those who are involved personally. I am called to love every human being on the planet, and that means I must have compassion towards every person, and as homosexuals just happen to be persons, it is important that I look towards their best interests.

Homosexuality is naturally disordered. Not meaning to be crass, but man parts don’t fit with man parts and woman parts don’t fit with woman parts. It’s not rocket science, its just the good old birds and bees. When you want to put your parts elsewhere, it’s simply disordered. I don’t care if you have an intense desire to rub your parts against elbows, walls, or cheese graters, it’s not within the intrinsic order of things. Maybe in our world that so deeply lacks common sense this is not apparent, but nevertheless, it is so. So we have people in this world with a disorder that the world is telling us we should enable, rather than help them deal with. Thank goodness we don’t have this same tactic with alcoholism or people with learning disabilities.

These people need our love and care, and instead we let them wallow in their problems. We all have issues that we need help with, tendencies that we have to keep in check. The answer is not to just let us live out our disorders to their fullness, as that really only hurts us more. The answer is to help us deal with our issues and problems in the most constructive way possible. Homosexuality is just one of many such issues, and needed to be dealt with in a way that will enrich the lives of those involved.

This is especially apparent to me every time I see a gay pride parade. These men and women have been encouraged in their disorder, and what do you see? More disorder. A gay pride parade is always a spectacle with people walking down the streets dressed like some naked form of a disco ball, riding a unicycle and playing an accordion. Funny as a one man show in a circus, truly sad when en masse as a statement of sexuality. The disorder has grown, and instead of creating a warm, family environment, it has created a perpetual Mardi Gras. This is not healthy for them and can only leave them more empty then if they had dealt with the disorder, and come out stronger because of it.

So for me it is simple. I cannot vote for anything that would continue to degrade the human family. I cannot allow kids to be brought up either in a home where this is considered normal behavior, or where anyone is taught that sickness is health. I cannot vote for further agitating the disorders of otherwise good and healthy people. My job as a human involves the enrichment of mankind, not wholesale abandonment to their vices.

I wanted to take this opportunity to encourage you to visit Courage, an incredible ministry designed to actually help people with these issues. If you know and love someone who has these issues, and is ready to work towards wholeness, I strongly suggest you send them here.

Respect Your Elders

Anyone who follows my blog  knows that I spend a lot of my time with the elderly in nursing homes, convalescent hospitals, and retirement communities. In fact, I would say I spend more time bringing communion to these men and women who simply are unable to get to Mass than any other ministry I am involved in.

This has been an unbelievable experience for me. It has truly opened my eyes to the wealth of love, knowledge, and common sense that we as a culture have cast aside. I have learned so much that I could never express enough gratitude to these men and women for what they have given me, and all I had to do was be there, and ask.

It isn’t all a bed of roses though.

I also bring communion to some who are in a near coma state. I bring communion to many who don’t remember who I am week to week. (It’s kind of funny to have visited someone every week for a year, and have every time be the first time!) I have several who do not remember who they are week to week. I have some that would truly like to die. They are just waiting for the dark man with the scythe to knock on their door.

This is part of my daily experience, and I have watched as many of them have slowly declined, passing onto that journey we all must make. It has been hard, and I have often wondered why the Lord lets them suffer so when they are so close to Him already.

That does not mean they are worthless, and should be discarded. People should never be discarded.

Now in this case I am pointing this conversation towards the elderly, but this is not a concern that only applies to them. There are many cases in which a younger person might feel the desire for voluntary euthanasia, due to something as intense as terminal illness, or clinical depression.

Let’s start working this out.

First, involuntary euthanasia. This is where someone else decides to end the life of another. In any other circumstance, this would be considered murder. If I decide to take your life, and plan it out, then I am killing you, plain and simple. I don’t care if you don’t have room in the facility, or if you think I’m vegetative, it amounts to the same thing. If I am happen to be walking around mumbling to myself, it gives you no right to kill me.

Even thinking of walking down this path is a very slippery slope. How are you going to decide who’s life is worth keeping, and who’s is not? At what point do we start killing people with mental disabilities like cerebral palsy or downs syndrome? Hopefully no time soon, as some of my most meaningful relationships were with kids with these issues as a counselor in my youth. At what point do we decide it’s just people who think differently then ourselves?

A story seems a good idea, so here goes. I have a very good friend who was taking care of his father for many years. He had to feed him, change him, take complete care of him to the point where he could not really go on vacation with his family. It was an intense struggle for him, but he simply loved and respected his father too much to throw him in a home, even if his father could not communicate with him anymore. I saw this go on for years. He would stand there, holding onto the mantle and give intermittent yells for no reason. I have no doubt this was terribly frustrating for the whole family, but it was grandpa, and they just loved him. Then one night, I was over at their house for dinner, and we decided to pray a rosary. My friend grabbed a child’s rosary and put it into his father’s hands, and his father came alive. I watched a man who I had never seen any real communication from suddenly become articulate as he prayed the entire rosary with us. It felt downright miraculous, and I have never forgot it. Afterwords he disappeared back into his former self.

He couldn’t eat, or go to the bathroom or hold a conversation, but he sure knew how to pray. I remember him crying.

There is no way I can vote for anyone who would support the killing of the innocent. Don’t get me wrong, if someone you love is being kept alive artificially by machines for an extended period of time, it might be time to pull the plug. But if all they need is a feeding tube and they can continue their lives, then their life is worth living, and we have no right to take it from them.

What about people who want to die? Is this something we as a society should accept?

Let’s shoot straight here. If someone really wants to die, good luck stopping them. There are no shortage of high buildings, bridges, guns or knives in this world. Good luck stopping someone who is serious about killing themselves.

The real question here is should we make it clean, easy and socially acceptable for them to do so. This is a very different question indeed.

Let’s not use hope as a reason, I think that’s naive. Sometimes there is no hope. Sometimes all there is is pain, loss, and loneliness, and in endless quantity.

Unhappiness and pain is simply not a good enough reason for the premature ending of life. Yes, I know it can hurt, but life is simply like that sometimes. That does not take away the value of the life itself. Much of what is truly great in this world was born of suffering. Suffering is an important part of the human experience, and has true and real value.

More importantly, life has value, and we as a society cannot condone it being taken prematurely as a matter of course. To take any life unnecessarily is evil, and wrong in the deepest sense. We can never allow this to become a socially acceptable way to handle problems, and must fight any legislation that would allow it to become so with every ounce of power we have.

Slaughter of the Innocents

I am astounded at how many people will happily identify themselves as Catholics, and then in the same breath say that they understand abortion. I’m not going to lie here, I don’t understand how you can be HUMAN, and support the killing of babies, let alone say that you are God loving in any form.

That might piss you off. I don’t really care if it did. I am sick and tired of people thinking that I’m the one being insensitive here. I want to protect babies, and I’m insensitive?

“It’s not really a baby yet Dance, you are no naive.”

Bull&%$@. If you were pregnant and all excited about giving birth to a fine young copy of yourself, and I kicked you in the belly and made you miscarry, you would call me an animal, and probably vie for my execution. Not a baby my @$$.

Sometimes to sound more moral, these “so called Catholics” will quickly add a caveat to say they only agree in certain circumstances. Let me be the first to say this is total and complete nonsense. In what circumstances is it right to slaughter a baby? Heck, at least we kill our animals before we cut them to pieces.

Okay, yes, I know about the gal who was raped, or abused by her father. This is terrible, evil, really bad stuff, I agree. I don’t wish that on anyone, but it doesn’t make me want to go on a killing spree at the local nursery. I realize this child is going to represent pain for this abused woman, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right to kill the poor child.

You may not like what I am saying. You may have been taught that abortion is really a form of compassion. You may think that I am being sexually repressive. You may think I am being insensitive. If you do, then you are not thinking of the child, you are thinking of yourself. Every human being has life, a reason for existence, a purpose all their own. Who are you to take that voice before it has sounded its first chord? To kill babies is the least compassionate, most repressive, most insensitive thing I can possibly imagine.

So on to voting. If you think that it is permissible to vote for any congressman or presidential candidate that supports abortion, and still be on the correct moral side of the fence, I am sad to tell you that you are not. You are another Nazi following Hitler blindly as he slaughters the Jews.

You might not think you are evil, but you are participating in the greatest evil this world has ever known.

And no, I don’t think I’m exaggerating one single iota.