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Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus

I just love astronomy. I’m sure it’s the childhood geek in me just screaming to get out and fly in a spaceship to planet where the plants can talk. But whenever I get the chance to see something truly spectacular, something that truly takes the imagination away, and makes me look at the real majestyContinue Reading

Lord, What Shirt Should I Wear Today?

Lord, What Shirt Should I Wear Today?

You might think I’m being humorous, but I really do ask that question. I know it’s not a big deal, but it’s an easy question to ask. I’ll tell you why it’s so easy, I get dressed right after my morning prayer. Yup, I don’t even get out of bed, I just wake up andContinue Reading

Spy Wednesday

Tomorrow we celebrate betrayal. Sounds funny doesn’t it, to “celebrate” betrayal? Tomorrow we remember Judas going out to the chief priests to sell out Jesus. Guess what? All the apostles sold Him out. You and I have also sold Him out. There is so much betrayal here that there is no way I could putContinue Reading

Lent’s Last Push

We are at the home stretch. The finish line is in sight. This is not the time to slow down, this is the time to give it all you got. As we push through this last few days of Lent, it is so easy for us to just sit back and focus on the upcomingContinue Reading

Church Bells

I live about 5 blocks from my parish church. This has always been nice, as I’m able to walk to Mass most days. That is, when it’s not raining like crazy, which here is most of the time. There is something so very organic able walking to Mass, it just feels so very natural. TheContinue Reading

My Favorite Night of the Week

Every other Sunday, we have guests. Sometimes they fill the house, sometimes it’s just one or two folks. Sometimes it’s loud and raucous, sometimes it’s quiet and prayerful. It is always awesome. I used to be a Youth Ministry Coordinator, and when one of my former youth group kids asked me to start up aContinue Reading

Prayer of Death

So I’m about to head out on my weekly round to the nursing homes, and I’m suddenly reminded of my first service I was a part of for a retirement community. One of our die-hard parishoners was leading the service, and she asked me to read the prayer she always read right after communion. ItContinue Reading

Examination of Conscience

Last weekend I was talking about vices and confession, and I promised to show you a way to really analyze the vices you personally have. It is at this point that I must admit that I’m rather old-fashioned. I think that age old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” would be the operativeContinue Reading

Praying in the Bathroom

Alright, I need to make sure I’m being clear here before I even get started on this. I am not trying to be gross. I am merely illustrating a point. As Americans, we are constantly rushing to the next thing. Jump up and get to work, quick fifteen minute break, and we are off again. Take aContinue Reading

Deja Vu Again

If you have not read yesterday’s post, this will make no sense. Go back and do your homework or I will make you write 100 sentences. So we have this engine running full steam, and we know God put it there, so it must be a good thing, right? You bet it is. It isContinue Reading