Cyborg Invasion

I’ll need to admit this right off. I’m a Trekkie. Heck I just love almost anything that’s fantasy or science fiction. Some folks like westerns, I like westerns in space.

Now I don’t dress up like a Romulan, speak Klingon, and go to conventions, but I do have the Star Trek collectors plates, and have been known to make sounds like I’m swinging a light-saber for no apparent reason.

As I go through my daily life, I am often surprised at how close our reality is to science fiction. All you have to do is walk throught the mall an you will see groups of people more glued to their cellphones than to the people around them. You might automatically think I am talking about teens, but I’m not. It seems every soccer mom is just as glued to their iPhones playing Words With Friends as any teen playing Angry Birds. Men are often no better. I see just as many construction workers as business men with strange Bluetooth implants popping out their ears.

These, I must admit are the funniest, folks walking around having conversations with themselves.

We don’t go to the video store, we just have Netflix. We don’t play football, we play Xbox. We don’t write letters, we send email. We don’t even need remotes anymore, we just tell out TV what to do with Kinect. We don’t call friends, we Facebook them. We don’t have planners, we have Outlook. We don’t get together to watch our favorite program, we just TiVo it. We don’t go to concerts, we listen to our iPods.

We don’t keep journals, we just blog.

Le Sigh.  (At least men don’t have to ask for directions anymore now that we have GPS.)

The Cyborg invasion has begun. And it’s not the way we thought it would be in the movies either. There is no strange race of aliens coming down from the skies in their flying pie tins to steal our children. Nope, this is an inside job. We are doing it to ourselves.

I have no comment as to whether this is a good thing or not, and I am just as guilty as everyone else. I didn’t come up with that list of technological wonders by staring at everyone else, I just looked in the mirror. For better or worse, it’s here to stay.

Will technology be the thing that drives us apart, only allowing us to have conversations that will fit within the scope of a text or twitter message? Or will it bring us ever closer, every text letting us know more of our families needs, like the fact that we are out of milk? (Wait, our new refrigerators will do that for us now…)

At what point do we become so efficient that we don’t really do anything at all?

Beam me up Scotty, I’m not sure I want to stay here.

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