Deja Vu Again

If you have not read yesterday’s post, this will make no sense. Go back and do your homework or I will make you write 100 sentences.

So we have this engine running full steam, and we know God put it there, so it must be a good thing, right? You bet it is. It is not only a good thing, it is your source of power for creating good.

What we need to do, is take the drive shaft connected to this engine and give it something to do. Right now, it’s driving you crazy because it is not focused, not attached to anything. That’s why it’s bouncing around your life slamming this sin into your relationships. We have got to get this under control.

Here is where we usually make the big mistake though. We think we can just stop it. We honestly think that if we can just suppress the urge to commit this sin, all will be right in the world, and we will become saints.

I’m sorry guys, it is not so. This engine was put there by God, and has fuel from eternity, so it is pumping away whether you like it or not. You suppressing this power is just going to explode inside you. It just can’t be done.

What to do?

Well I’m so glad you asked! I’ve got just the thing!

First, we can look at the Saints. That is why they are there, of course. They provide the example for us to follow, they are the ones who have figured it all out for.

One of the driving powers that the saints have in common is their engines were all very strong, and they let them run at full bore. They did not try to stifle these engines, in fact, they used them to their benefit. I think some examples would be appropriate at this point to give you a clear picture of what I mean.

St Francis Xavier was a very proud man. His big sin that he had to fight was without a doubt pride. He came from an aristocratic family, was the sports champion, he was a real “my way or the highway” kind of guy. In fact, most of the brothers and priests who came to live with him couldn’t stand it, he was just too overpowering, and would ask for transfer within a matter of months. He was just dang hard to live with. But he took all that power, and instead of allowing it to run crazy, he focused it upon his task, to evangelize the East, and to build the Society of Jesus. He took the very thing that drove his sin, and untwisted it, plugging that power into virtuous pursuits.

A more recent example would be my patron, Therese, the little flower. This woman just loved. She loved and loved and loved. If she had let her passions control her, she would have doubtless been a harlot. Instead, she took all that desire to love, and turned it to God. The same effect can be seen in Mother Theresa of Calcutta.

So the very engine that is driving you to sin, is the same engine that God put inside you to drive you to sanctity. Of course it is not going away, it is your vehicle, your power. It is the misuse that is driving you crazy, not the engine itself.

So figure out how to connect this thing, and let’s get to God’s work already.

(You are going to have to figure out the connecting part yourself. Good luck.)

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