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Easter Blues / WordPress Move

This is the holiest week of the year. Every day is a Sunday this week. But I am so exhausted I just want to curl into a ball and go to bed.

It’s like this every year. I put so much effort into Holy Week, that Easter week is usually spent in recovery. I’m just beat down tired. I should be stepping up the feast, but the truth is, I don’t even want to cook dinner. Heck, I don’t even want to leave the house.

Chocolate Bunny with tilted eats

There is one shining light in this though. My daughter’s friends all have the week off, so I have free entertainment running around the house all week as the sleepovers and field trips commence. Yes, they are a noisy lot, but as long as I hide in my man cave, (otherwise known as office) I have quiet peace to mull in. Praise the Lord for man cave.

So yesterday, in an effort to remain in the only quiet place in my home and still feel productive, I finally made the switch to

Now this may seem a rash decision, but the truth is I have been thinking about it for quite a while. The rest of this post will probably only interest other bloggers or people interested in starting blogs.

Now I should let you know, my goal was not to trade one platform for another. It was to be able to have my own platform completely. Let me explain.

There are other blogging sites out there, I’m sure, but the main guys are Blogger and When I got this crazy idea to start a blog based on my formation process, I simply looked at my favorite few blogs, and did what they did. It worked great, and I was happy with it.

Moving Boxes

Having spent years in website design though, I kept running up against little walls in my site design. Now in honesty, these were few, and I was usually able to find some workaround to get it to still look good, but nothing like what I actually wanted. A great example for this would be comments. I hated the blogger commenting system, and the only way I could get it close to how I wanted was by adding a third party plugin. But this was unwieldy and unfamiliar to readers, and therefore many just were not leaving comments. Arrg.

The truth is, I like to be able to have complete control over what my site looks and feels like, and I kept feeling like I was being put in a Blogger cookie cutter.

Now moving to would not do me any better. I would run into the same problem. Then I found out there were actually two WordPresses, a CMS called, and a blogging site called Having built several sites in Joomla, I knew was the way to go.

Man yelling at computer

There was an impetus of time though to get this done if I wanted to get it done right. My site is growing extremely fast, (and I am oh so very thankful!) and I would like to be switched before it grew too much.

Now I’ll be honest, I’m still learning a new system, so I have not reaped any benefits as of yet. I can however already see the potential with WordPress is going to outstrip Blogger with ease. I’m really rather excited.

My wife just thinks I’m easily amused.


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