Embryphonic Steam Sells Research?

Have you ever noticed that great evils are hidden in confusing words? Hitler’s “Final Solution” sounds rather positive, like everything is going to be fixed. “Eugenics” sounded so scientific that it was taught in most colleges, even to the point that here in America, that Land of the Free, we had laws for the sterilization of what we termed “imbeciles”. Makes Eugenics sound a bit darker when you think of it in that light. This couching of evil realities behind confusing or positive sounding words has a long history.

So to the task at hand, What exactly IS Embryonic Stem Cell Research? Why all the fuss? Most of us see the “Embryo” in there, does it have to do with studying babies? Oh my, I wish that was all it what it was about.

There comes a point in the life of a baby where their cells are rapidly multiplying, and the individual cells that make up that embryo can become any cell that they need to be. Bone, brain, liver skin, makes no difference, and not only do they have this amazing transformative ability, they also will multiply faster than kids when you advertise free pizza. They are truly amazing. I’m not surprised that scientists are curious.

But there is a problem. They are babies. And yes, babies really are amazing, but that doesn’t mean we can kill them because we are curious about how they work, or because someone else might want to grow something from their body parts. That’s just crazy. You don’t cut off little Johnny’s head so that Grandma Francis might be able to get a new liver, even if Little Johnny didn’t eat all his brussels sprouts.

That is exactly what Embryonic Stem Cell Research is.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research is the hot topic, but there are other fields of research that belong on the same chopping block. Fetal Research and Fetal Tissue Transplantation Research both use aborted fetuses as their test subjects. Also, like Embryonic Stem Cell Research, In Vitro Fertilization Research uses embryos that are planned to be discarded as their prime test subjects.

So we have two issues present. Not only are we experimenting on human beings, but we are also creating a market for their death. Do we really want to traffic in the bodies of our slaughtered babies? Should we really be buying and selling these dead children? Do we really want to help abortionists to make a larger profit?

With Embryonic Stem Cell Research, they use embryos that were not implanted during in vitro fertilization. Let me explain how this works. Let’s say a couple wants to have a baby, but they are having trouble. So they decide to have a baby implanted in the mother’s womb. So they take some eggs from mom, and some sperm from dad, and some technician in a lab makes magic happen and makes up a ton of babies. Well, not all these babies can be implanted, in fact, usually they only need one. What to do with the rest of these babies in petri dishes? Well, normally we’ll just flush them down the toilet, but now we can sell them for dissection! Win for everyone! Except of course, the babies.

Again, we don’t need to be buying and selling people. In this case, these people are still alive. This is akin to slavery, except its slavery where we slice off arms and legs whenever we feel like it. Really icky stuff. As a side note, you may have noticed that I feel pretty darn uncomfortable with In Vitro Fertilization as well. I’ll have to save that for another day.

This is one of those prime examples where people have a tendency to think with their emotions rather than with their noggins. To most people, an embryo is really too mysterious to deal with in their minds. Many seem to think since there is a lack of eyes or ears, that this embryo is somehow not a person. I don’t blame them, it’s hard to look at something that the size of a bean and see the humanity in it when you are used to humans being a very different size and shape. I have always felt it is akin to vegetarians who won’t kill cute little animals because they have eyes that can stare back at them, while they can slaughter carrots with glee, because their “kind” of life is less valuable in their eyes. It might work in the emotions of the moment, but it doesn’t stand up to logic. Both the carrot and the bunny have life, have the ability to grow, mature, and become more than they are now. Death takes that from them, and just because one is more like us, and one is less, does not take away the value of that life.

The same is true with people, but to a higher degree. Just because someone is different than us does not give us the right to assign the quality of their life, be it race, family, age, mental ability, or their developmental progression. In the words of Suess, “a person is a person, no matter how small.”

We are at an interesting point in the existence of man, because we can now see what none of our forebears could see. Life at its earliest stages is miraculous, and was invisible to us since the dawn of time. Never for a moment did we ever think that the child inside a woman was not a child. We always knew, even if we could not see. Only now, when we can see, do we begin to question, and while I respect asking the question, I am ashamed at how it has been answered.

I  cannot vote to allow that answer. Life begins as it always has, at conception. There is no other moment that makes sense to me in any logical way. I must protect human life at all costs, and that is all there is to it. I cannot support the dissection of live babies, nor can I accept the buying and selling of dead ones. I cannot support the killing of babies to find cures for others. To vote to allow any of these evils is to be a part of it, and I will not do it, no matter how much I want my taxes lowered.

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  1. Perfect reasoning again. I agree with you. Why should one persons life be chosen over another, just because they have been alive longer?

  2. Great summary – I really didn’t know much about this until you clarified – THANKS!

    It’s really hard to dispute life begins with conception – thanks to science. The problem is tha science also generates problems – like this.

    Let’s hope we never lose the AWE and WONDER of creation by co-opting it with science.

  3. On eugenics: Oliver Wendell Holmes ordered a mentally retarded girl sterilized because she was impregnated by rapists instead of prosecuting the rapists. And Holmes was called JUSTICE. Plants and animals were made for food. The human body will grow to be whoever the sovereign person of the soul is. No soul, no life, only death. So when the experimenter takes the life of the embryo, he violates the rational, immortal soul of the human being without having gotten informed consent from the sovereign person. Informed consent, the act of free will and the foundation of civilization is usually formed at emancipation around eighteen years of age. Another fact they do not tell anyone is that embryonic stem cells have to be raised four stages to function as adult stem cells which are more than readily available, and now found in mother’s breast milk.

    1. I basically agree with you here, but I would raise two points.

      First, yes, plants and animals have as one of their purposes to feed us, but their greater existence is simply to show forth the glory of God. I’m not saying that they have more value than a person, far from it. I am saying that it is oversimplifying to say that is their only purpose. (I’m betting that is what you meant, I just wanted to clarify!)

      Here is my larger point. Informed Consent is irrelevant. A human person is a human person, and even with their consent, to commit murder is to violate the rational, immortal soul of a human being.

    2. Typical superstition. The embryo is NOT a person since it has no, none, zip, zilch, nada brain waves. No brain, no person. AND the Supreme Court has ruled, if it isn’t counted on the Census, it’s not a person as far as the law is concerned. It’s PROPERTY. When this PROPERTY heals cancer, I have no doubt whatsoever that 99.9% of the “Catholics” will look the other way. Just like they do regarding contraception.
      Soul? You can eat “soul food”, but there is NO “soul”. Another superstition with no basis in fact. Just like your sky-fairy….

  4. The name he takes is not what invalidates his argument. Genetics and embryology are what invalidates the argument. A zygote is a genetically complete, unique, individual member organism of the species Homo Sapiens. Its requirement of a specific environment for life and development is hardly unusual; every living member organism of the species Homo Sapiens requires a specific environment for life and development, which changes over time and with development.

    If life and membership in the species are not the defining characteristics of a human being with human rights, then what shall be? And how can you ensure that your defining characteristics are anything other than arbitrary? What characteristics should be used to exclude living members of the species Homo Sapiens from the group of human beings with human rights, and what will prevent others from expanding the list of such characteristics?

    1. Sorry it took so long to get your comment up, for some reason it hit the spam folder. That is now repaired.

      You are right of course, it’s not his moniker that invalidates his argument, but it is a great commentary on what nonsense the argument is.

      As for your argument, I dare say we are on the same page.

  5. I’m sorry but I see a flaw in your logic. You say that “Well, normally we’ll just flush them down the toilet, but now we can sell them for dissection!” Isn’t flushing them down the toilet killing them anyways? And if you are pro-life, wouldn’t you not want that? So if that is your stand then that women that wants a child but needs help will never receive it? Why flush the apparently useless babies as you would put it? Why can’t the remaining embryos that are not babies, just bundles of cells, be used for a better purpose?

    1. Well, no, I don’t want them flushed down the toilet either. I don’t want children in petri dishes at all. Human beings are not a product, and that is how they are treated in this scenario. Of course I want families to be able to have children, in vitro fertalization is just a highly unethical way of going about it. Every time a woman goes through this procedure, many children are given life, but only one of them gets chosen to actually live that life to it’s fullest. It’s a cold and raw deal for the poor babies that aren’t chosen. His/her options include either being sliced to pieces for research, or tossed in the trash. To me, this sounds like the Nazi human experimentation. It’s just ugly. If we did this on older children, there would be outrage.

      The functional issue here, and the one that you are caught on, is whether or not embryos are babies. You state pretty clearly that you think they are not. I just can’t seem to find any rational reason that could be true. Everything that a human being fundamentally is, is already present in the embryo. An embryo is not a worthless clump of cells, it is a child.

  6. I agree that embryos are potential babies and the work potential should be emphasized. When used for this procedure, there is a 5 day period in which the fertilized egg is a bundle of multiplying cells. I’m not saying these cells are useless. The cells at first are a blank slate and can be use to create anything. I’m saying during this time, the nucleus is replace and the cells become something different. Also fundamentally a human is alive based on wether or not it has a brain wave and in this period of time it does not. And if you say that a ovum and a sperm together is a potential child then isn’t every ovum and every sperm a potential life?
    It is also easier to say cruel things about something then excepting the benefits. Scientists are not trying to kill people in fact they are trying to save them. Many studies have shown with the research of embryonic stem cells it can cure ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, blindness, blood disorders, and even cancer.

  7. Yes, every ovum and sperm together is a life. Each ovum and each sperm have the potential to form life, but separately they are not life yet. It is once there is a fertilized egg, at conception, that there is a human life (not a potential for one; an actual one that will grow into the size and shape of humans we are used to seeing). Honestly, I can see why people in general have such a hard time admitting this; the benefits of using stem cells in medicine are enormous, and by nature, we like to make life as good and as long as possible for the living. The problem is, it seems we would rather ignore the fact that these clumps of cells are living, too, in our pursuit for better, longer lives for ourselves. It would be best if researchers spent their efforts on adult induced pluripotent stem cells, which do not destroy a human life.

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