One thought on “Clerical Collar”

  1. I am a Methodist and I v been called to serve Christ as a Deacon even though I v not yet started. I m delayed by some critisism but I won’t change my mind, I know who has called me to serve in the office of Word and Service.

    I think its a good idea that the Deacons wear a Roman black n white clerical collar n a black shirt, also a white shirt with black cassock.

    For me wearing a grey shirt with black n white Roman collar would not match.
    Deacon can never be confused with the priest because the priest collar is white n Deacons collar is black n white.

    Same as in the case with our Bishops in South African context, they wear purple shirts with white collar, one would see that this is a Bishop, on the other hand the Evangelist is wearing black n white shirt with white collar, the collar has a botton infront n one would the that this is Evangelist because the collar is not the sa me as that of a priest.

    My point is clear, Deacons must wear a black n white collar.

    Thanks (Vuyo)

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