Four Leaf Clovers

So a good portion of my family came from Scotland. Don’t get me wrong, I am as proud of my heritage as any man should be.

My last name though is an Irish one, and so I have also always felt an affinity with the Irish.

This doesn’t really mean much in practice. Yes, I like corned beef and cabbage, and I will have myself a green beer on St. Patrick’s day if offered one, but for the most part, it doesn’t really have anything to do with my regular day to day life.

I did however pick up a habit as a young man. I love looking for four leafed clovers.

It’s a silly little thing to do, but whenever I pass by a batch of clover, I cannot help but bend over and take a peek. I’ve been doing this for so long that it’s almost second nature. I have become very skilled at this over the years, and can spot one now without even squatting, often just at a glance. For kids, this is like a magic trick, and they are always amazed. You of course know there is no magic, just don’t tell them.

Now I get to tell you a secret. It actually is magic.

Of course it’s not the kind over magic with wands and long winded, nonsensical words, but it is magic nonetheless. My secret is rather simple.

I am very lucky.

Well, that was a lame secret wasn’t it. You were figuring that I would actually have some great way of finding them, and then I let you down, huh. I bet you think I am a real jerk.

No, No, you aren’t getting it. I really am lucky. But you misunderstand luck.

Luck is very rarely the same as chance. This is where people get mixed up. I am lucky at finding four leaf clovers, because I look for them. You don’t find them, because you do not look. Sometimes I do not see any and some times I do, but if I was not looking, they would never be there.

What I mean to say, is luck is most definitely magic, but it is the magic that comes from perseverance. The more you search, the more you find. You will never get lucky and find a nugget of gold if you do not look for one. That just doesn’t happen, you won’t even know what a nugget of gold looks like. You will walk right past it.

Take from that whatever you wish. If there is something you want to be lucky at, start looking for it.

Last note, there is a secret to finding four leaf clovers. If you see one, chances are there are five or more in the same plant, so look closer. Four leaf clovers come in bunches, they are rarely single.

So here is my treat, find the four leaf clover!

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6 thoughts on “Four Leaf Clovers”

  1. Dance, I had to laugh when I saw this post! I’ve had a “gift” of finding 4-leaf clovers since I was a small child! When I was young I would put them in tape and place them in a scrapbook. I had a HUGE scrapbook!!! (I impressed all my “friends”) A few years ago our local library had a scavenger hunt for the kids and parents (a fun family day). A four-leaf clover was on each child’s list of things to find. I found one for each of my kids (5 -at the time) and also my sister’s kids (2). The library didn’t have enough prizes because they didn’t think anyone would find a 4-leaf clover!!
    And your right 4-leaf clovers do often to grow groups; particularly in the small viney kind of clover. But I think it takes a sharp eye to see them. My kids who are observant can find them, but my kids who are less observant can’t seem to spot them even when I point them in the right direction!
    Thanks for the laugh and God Bless. 🙂

    1. When I was a kid, we grew up out in the woods, so my grandmother’s laundry ran out over the open ground. Right underneath the pipe grew the strangest clover plant you have ever seen. This plant would not only sprout tons of four leaf clovers, but would also sprout five, six, seven and even once a nine leaf clover!

      While I’m sure fifty years of laundry detergent is the cause, it was still just plain amazing!

      I loved your story, and I’m glad to know you are passing on “the gift”!

      1. Wow! That clover plant sounds so familiar!! 😮

        It sounds just like the clover patches that grew near our turkey barns when I was a child! I would pick the most amazingly large clovers! And they had up to 9 leaves, as well! I’m sure that was do to all the “fertilizer” from the turkeys, although grandma’s laundry detergent sounds much cleaner, and I’m sure it smelled much better!!! 😉
        Thanks so much for the walk down memory lane!

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