Holy Week to Easter Sunday

This weekend it all begins. That most holy and glorious time of year, that moment when heaven seems to reach down and touch the earth.

Holy Week is upon us.

I realize that many of you do not have the opportunity to run to every service that happens this week, so I wanted to do a little catechesis, and give you the basic overview of what goes on this week for those who do not know. Next week, I plan to go in depth about each of the Holy Week liturgies as they happen.

First things first though, the overview.

Passion/Palm Sunday

Now the Church fully realizes that not everyone can go to Mass every day, even during Holy Week, so it tries very hard to cram as much of the gospel message into Sunday liturgies as possible. You will most definitely see this in action this Sunday, as it tries to tell the entire story of our Lords passion in one sitting. Phew, this one is tough.

Spy Wednesday

Not a big day, I know, but we remember the betrayal by Judas.

Holy Thursday

More like Holy Cow! How they are able to fit in the commemoration of the Lord’s Supper, the washing of the feet, the re-dedication of clergy to their bishop, the blessing of the holy oils, and the agony in the garden in one day is simply miraculous. Really, really big day, officially starting the Triduum.

Good Friday

The day we remember the actual passion of our Lord, also the only day of the year we are not allowed to have Mass. The great highlight here is the Adoration of the Cross.

Holy Saturday

This day is usually rather calm, as we relive the time when Christ was in the tomb. If you have a liturgy of the hours service in the morning, go to it, the readings are absolutely beautiful.

Easter Sunday

Finnaly the day has arrived! It starts with the Easter Vigil, the single most important Mass of the year. (Yes, I know it’s on Saturday Night, but liturgically, it’s on Sunday. I’ll have to explain this sometime!) This is the day we remember Christ rising from the dead. It is also when we bring in new adult converts into the Church. Easter Sunday is celebration after celebration.

I hope you take the time to engage yourself as much as possible over the next week. Let the story overtake you, and reorder your life. Holy Week is truly a foretasting of heaven, so savor every moment.

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