My Mom is Cooler Than Me

My entire family is populated with wildly different people, and boy are they talented.

Mom & Pop

My father is the most hilarious professional photographer you have ever met. I seriously cannot remember a single conversation we have ever had that did not include a joke, and I have never seen him angry.

My brother is perhaps the funniest person alive, every conversation with him hurt my stomach with laughter. I have no idea how he does it, but any conversation with him is like a night at the improv.

My sister is an absolutely gorgeous flight attendant, constantly hopping around the country. It’s funny to constantly be getting calls from God knows where in the middle of the night about some great story about life on a plane.

Speaking of planes, my grandmother is a pilot, and an amazing artist. Be it stone or canvas, she has had her work in galleries for years. I just wish I could afford her stuff!

Where did these people come from? How was I born into such a strange family?

The worst is my mother.

Now I would not normally use “worst” and “mother” in the same sentence, especially about my mother, but you have got to see her to believe her. First of all, she looks young. seriously young. Last time she came up, we went out for coffee, and the owner of the coffee shop, a friend of mine, was so excited to meet my wife. No one has ever thought she was my mother, most think she’s my sister. She often feels more like a sister than a mother too, we are very good friends.

Now I could go on for an hour about all the interesting things she does, president of the local businesswoman’s club, newspaper reporter, crafts galore, business trainer, but to really illustrate my point, I’ll talk about her band.

Mom's Old Band

Yes, you heard me right, my mother is in a band, and not just any band. She is in one of the top cover bands in Northern California. Last year, I think they played over a hundred shows. Guys, that’s like a show every three days, it’s crazy. She is the lead singer and sometimes bass player, and my dad has the meanest sounding harmonica that you have ever heard.

Now, I must admit, my parents are both cooler then me.

While I’m quietly sitting at home studying scripture, with my lovely wife cross stitching away, and kids quietly reading a book, my parents are out rockin it like super stars. I’m not sure if I just think it’s silly, or if I’m jealous. One never expects to be boring when compared with your mother!

Mom's New Band

I will say this though. The kids think it’s pretty awesome to have a rock star grandmother.

If you would like to learn more about my mother,feel free to check out her blog at: Lulu’s Cottage

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