Naked People

I have a confession to make. I love naked people. I must sincerely say, that there is no place on earth where I can see the glory of God then in the human form. I mean, most of us really look the same if you blur your eyes, a couple legs and arms, a head, a large trunk. When you really begin to look though, no two people look the same at all.

Nothing so shows the way God thinks as much as how these themes repeat, but never with the same performance. The quiet beauty of mankind is so pure, so lovely.

There are two places this is really apparent to me personally. First is babies and children. The cute little hands and feet of a baby, with every itsy bitsy little fingernails perfectly formed is for me a grand show of God’s providence. Those little hands will grow to be the hands that hold another child, and I am in wonder. As they get older, watching their bodies change is equally astounding. Watching my young daughters slowly develop into women holds me in rapt attention. Seeing the first strands of hair sprout from the face of a young man is like feeling my own manhood being reborn.

Men to are beautiful to look at too. I can never see a picture of Michelangelo’s David, or The Pieta without cocking my head, and pondering why man was made so.

But nothing hold my attention like the body of a woman. At some point in my genetic makeup, God set in me a love and a near worship of the gentle curves, the lush roundness, and the soft skin of a woman. Every flash of the skirt, turn of the ankle, dimple on her cheek holds my very being in it’s grasp.

This is why I hate Pornography.

While I can’t find the actual quote, this supposed quote from John Paul II really sums it up for me.

“The problem with pornography is not that it shows too much of a person, 
but that it shows far too little.”

Pornography is truly one of the great evils of our time. Yes, it has been around a long time, but not in the form or with the distribution it has now. It takes the true beauty of a man or woman and distorts it so out of whack as to remove it’s beauty. The same face and form is reduced to mere genitalia, with no other purpose than to spark my sexual nature.
When I look at my wife, it is her wholeness that pleases me most. I have memorized the birthmark on her thigh. I have counted the freckles on her face. I have seen both the grimace of pain from bearing my children as well as the laughter at their first steps. Her calling me is like the tinkling of bells, and her censure is the torrent of a storm.
So when my wife and I share the same bed, I know that we are made to fit one another. My emotions to hers, my body to hers, my spirit to hers. She is not merely genitalia.
As I look at other women, in them I see my wife, and I know that they are whole, they are real, and that beauty captivates me. I often wonder at their forms, do their husbands feel about her as I do about my dear wife? I smile as I hope so.
Then there is porn. There is no thought of the person at all, just a vague yet insatiable need, and a blinding emptiness. Yes men, I understand your desire and love for the feminine form, but honor that desire, that woman. Pornography is blind to the woman, and turns a whole person into an object. Porn does not show her family ties, her dreams, how much she disliked her third grade English teacher, how terrible she was at ice skating. A woman’s sexual nature is a beautiful and powerful thing to behold, but without “her”, it is an empty shell. Pornography takes a child of God, and turns her into a tool.

Equally devastating, it turns you into a tool as well, it robs both of you your humanity.

So keep away from all that junk. Next time you are walking down the street and you see a beautiful woman, just look at her, and say to yourself, “My goodness, Lord. You sure know what You are doing.” Then share a smile with Him, and offer thanks.
Or even better, introduce her to your parents, and just maybe, one day, you can take her home.
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