Ordination Date Been Set!

Years have gone by. Five and a half of them. Children and grandchildren have been born, parents and grandparents have passed on. This formation process has been full of up and downs, and classes that will never end.

Except that the classes HAVE ended. I have reached the end of this road, and beyond it I can see a new life, a life lived not for myself, but for God’s most precious possession, his Holy Church.

This September, God willing, my bishop will lay hands on me, and through this most ancient prayer I will be changed forever. I haven’t been this excited since I was married to the most beautiful woman I have ever met.

If anyone is still out there after these years of silence, I would ask your prayers. I look forward to writing again very soon.

May God fill you with His endless blessings!

Institution of Acolyte
Instituted as a Acolyte – one of the final steps before Ordination as a Deacon.
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6 thoughts on “Ordination Date Been Set!”

  1. WONDERFUL to hear! I am so please for you. Remember, you’re by yourself are not worthy for this office, BUT Jesus called you to it. Always seek to serve Him and the Holy Spirit will make you worthy.
    Praying for you, Deacon Brian Phillips

  2. Congratulations! May the Holy Spirit continue to work in you, and through you. You, and all in formation are continually in my prayers.

    You don’t know me from Adam, but your journey is somewhat of an inspiration to me. Please pray for my family and me, as we prepare to embark on the road of formation to the diaconate.

  3. I offer a tip from a deacon ordained in January 2015: Listen to the silence.

    A wise priest once told me, “May the Peace of our Lord continue to disturb your life.” I can now respond to this – “No, worries – it does.”

    May you be blessed in your ministry.


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