Power Naps

This last weekend was one of those slammed weekends. I felt much like a ping pong ball in a Chinese tournament. Weekends with formation classes are always this way.

By the time Sunday afternoon came, I was just plain exhausted, I couldn’t really function at all. At some point, my lovely wife looked at me and told me to go take a nap.

Well, I didn’t want to, but I know that sometimes you simply must obey, so to bed I went. Fighting off sleep, I started reading a book, but when the words began to blur together I knew it was time to just let it go, and I fell asleep for almost two hours.

When I awoke, my house was in a state of peaceful relaxation. All my girls were in the living room, each of them working on different knitting and cross stitching projects, listening to some light music, and chatting up a storm. Now I know what happens when they finally get the bull out of the room.

At what point in American history did we decide that we have to work for all hours of the day?

We are all like this. In fact, to relax is almost considered lazy. We need more rest, we need more time to just exist. Waking up at 6:30 and heading to bed at midnight is simply not working for us. We are so busy between 60 hour work weeks, soccer and dance practice, exercise, and making sure dinner hits the table on time that we have no time for ourselves.

This is simply not healthy.

I am now officially advocating siesta.

That’s right, I am hereby mandating a 3 hour lunch so people can go home and have a nap. I expect immediate compliance.

This is of course the more natural thing to do. In the natural world, most animals do this. Lot’s of morning and evening activity, but in the afternoons, the world takes it easy.

So get out your hammocks, get make a nice light chicken salad in advance, and prepare to enjoy some quiet family time. I’m even going to recommend an afternoon beer.

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