Praying in the Bathroom

Alright, I need to make sure I’m being clear here before I even get started on this.

I am not trying to be gross. I am merely illustrating a point.

As Americans, we are constantly rushing to the next thing. Jump up and get to work, quick fifteen minute break, and we are off again. Take a half hour hunch, fly into the nearest fast food crack dispenser, and make it back to work just in time to plug in another four hours of labor. When it gets time to go home, we are no better. Dinner on the table by six, except for Tuesdays and Thursdays where we have to go grab food yet again at Carl’s Mac Burger Bell on the way to soccer practice. It never stops.

Now, our good Lord told us we are to pray always, and while that is most certainly possible or He would not have said it. It can simply be a great challenge with our schedule to remember at any given moment the mandate He gave us.

I would even venture to say that for us, it is impossible. Only God could help us achieve this.

But wait! There is something I have found that helps!

No one ever bothers me in the bathroom, and no one ever bothers me if I take a couple minutes too long. It’s like a mini siesta, a short break in the middle of every couple of hours that is usually rather quiet and undisturbed.

I know it sounds silly, but I’m serious. Since I have started making sure to focus my bathroom time on the Lord, whether it’s just to wash my hands, take a shower, or take care of other unmentionables, I have found it keeps me centered for the next thirty minutes or so, sometimes longer. In the stall I can make the Sign of the Cross without my coworkers giving me funny looks. It’s really pretty awesome.

Now, I know you might think you are being irreverent, but remember, he said always, right? Always means no period of time without prayer, so that by necessity must include this time. Don’t forget that bodies were one of God’s ideas, so you only have to go to the bathroom because He made you that way. It certainly doesn’t bother Him.

To be rather frank, He is there whether you notice His presence or not.

So make your time alone less lonely, and ask the Lord to be with you for the next few hours. Say an Our Father or a Hail Mary. If you still feel a little silly, then just say the Hail Marys, I promise she will know exactly what’s going on, as I have little doubt she had the same practice.

3000 year old toilet from Jerusalem
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4 thoughts on “Praying in the Bathroom”

  1. LOL! 😀 Yup, that’s it exactly, Dance!! My “mini retreats” —-Sneak away -hope the kids don’t see -and talk to God! It helps, but a large number of times the kids see I’m missing and start banging on the bathroom door!! :-S Not the most effective prayer time, but better then nothing!
    Thanks for another good post! 🙂 God Bless!

  2. I could NOT agree more. I try myself to look for those “perfect” moments throughout my day to “steal away”, if you will. Shower, bathroom time, taking long walks with or without the dog is the ideal time to spend precious moments with God and reflect and rejuvenate. Thank you Dance for your profound thoughts. So awesome and a definite necessity.

  3. Great topic I always use the bathroom for healing place relax and time to reflect I usually make the sign of the cross so all is well God gave us the great gift of digestion and all that. Thank you Deacon Dance.

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