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Oh Wow. I just read the best article on religious education that I have read in a long, long time. I’m not usually one to shamelessly plug someone else’s articles, but you seriously need to check this out now. Here is a short excerpt to wet your appetite.

“In order to commit a mortal sin, a sin that severs one’s relationship to God, one must have sufficient knowledge that what they are doing is mortally sinful. Our kids come to Catholic schools and religious education where, presumably, they learn that it is a mortal sin to skip Sunday Mass without a serious reason, such as illness or inability to travel. That means that by allowing children to come to religious education or to enroll in Catholic schools when their parents don’t come to Mass, we are enabling them to commit a mortal sin by giving them the sufficient knowledge to damn their eternal souls.That’s a plan.”

Right on Father Simon. The system we are using is flat out broken, it is doing nothing for our young faithful, in fact it puts them at great risk, and it needs to be fixed pronto.

Read the entire article on Reverend Know-It-All, “We Are Starting Over”

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  1. GREAT link/blog/article!

    looks like i have another blog to follow!

    VIVA the revolution for Catholic education.

    I’ve been begging/clammoring for adult Catholic ed in parishes – it’s SO hard to fine – few and far between!

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