Roe vs. Wade

Today we mark the one of the darker days in history. I fully realize that this topic pisses a whole lot of people off, but it is what it is, and I suppose I should add my two cents.

First off, I should let you know I’m not really into politics. It’s just not really my thing. Yes, I realize it’s important, and I try to vote conscientiously, but it’s simply not in my everyday repertoire of discussion. I get that glossy eyed look, and have a tendency to faint from boredom.

It’s not that I’m not interested, I sincerely am. I care deeply about economics, rights, and taxes. Politics are the heart of how we relate to one another as a nation. It just that I’m a one issue voter, and until that issue is fixed, there really isn’t anything else I have to say. My vote is already decided, so there is just too little to comment about.

Now I know that many see this differently, but as I see it, life begins at conception. If conception has happened, then you have yourself a baby. It’s not really all that complicated. I know all the stories about raped women, incest, abuse, really, I do. My heart truly goes out to these women. But a baby is a baby is a baby.

If some jerk decided to hit a pregnant woman in the belly, any state in the union would call it manslaughter. I would just straight call it murder. If you left a baby in a trash can, I would say the same. A baby is a baby is a baby. I love babies, I can’t help it. They are way too cute, and smell very nice. Teens, well, you will have to let me think on that one, but babies? Easy to love.

So if you think that they are not babies when they are still in their mothers womb, so be it. I can respect that. But you have to respect that for me, and nearly every pregnant woman in the world, it’s a baby. Women grieve after a miscarriage. No one goes to an abortion clinic thinking that they are having a mole removed. This is not appendicitis. They know that they are going to have a baby. You have to admit that my view, even if it is not your own, is valid and reasonable.

So as I see it, we are in the middle of a Holocaust of epic proportions. Nazis killed Jews, we kill babies. Nazis killed 11-17 million people. These were some really bad guys. Stalin killed 20 million at his lowest estimates. Clearly he had an issue being nice to people. Since 1973, our conservative figures put us at around 50 million deaths to abortion, all babies. It’s a damn bloodbath.

I can’t help it. I’m a one issue voter. I will wear a sandwich board on any street corner that you ask. it’s just plain out and out evil. It sure as hell isn’t natural or “green”. Hmm, should I vote for economic independence, or should I vote to stop the killing of babies? Health care for the poor, or to stop the killing of babies? National park development or to stop the killing of babies? Against foreign oil, or to stop the killing of babies? More solar energy, or to stop the killing of babies?

Do you see why I don’t feel I really have a choice?

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