Slaughter of the Innocents

I am astounded at how many people will happily identify themselves as Catholics, and then in the same breath say that they understand abortion. I’m not going to lie here, I don’t understand how you can be HUMAN, and support the killing of babies, let alone say that you are God loving in any form.

That might piss you off. I don’t really care if it did. I am sick and tired of people thinking that I’m the one being insensitive here. I want to protect babies, and I’m insensitive?

“It’s not really a baby yet Dance, you are no naive.”

Bull&%$@. If you were pregnant and all excited about giving birth to a fine young copy of yourself, and I kicked you in the belly and made you miscarry, you would call me an animal, and probably vie for my execution. Not a baby my @$$.

Sometimes to sound more moral, these “so called Catholics” will quickly add a caveat to say they only agree in certain circumstances. Let me be the first to say this is total and complete nonsense. In what circumstances is it right to slaughter a baby? Heck, at least we kill our animals before we cut them to pieces.

Okay, yes, I know about the gal who was raped, or abused by her father. This is terrible, evil, really bad stuff, I agree. I don’t wish that on anyone, but it doesn’t make me want to go on a killing spree at the local nursery. I realize this child is going to represent pain for this abused woman, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right to kill the poor child.

You may not like what I am saying. You may have been taught that abortion is really a form of compassion. You may think that I am being sexually repressive. You may think I am being insensitive. If you do, then you are not thinking of the child, you are thinking of yourself. Every human being has life, a reason for existence, a purpose all their own. Who are you to take that voice before it has sounded its first chord? To kill babies is the least compassionate, most repressive, most insensitive thing I can possibly imagine.

So on to voting. If you think that it is permissible to vote for any congressman or presidential candidate that supports abortion, and still be on the correct moral side of the fence, I am sad to tell you that you are not. You are another Nazi following Hitler blindly as he slaughters the Jews.

You might not think you are evil, but you are participating in the greatest evil this world has ever known.

And no, I don’t think I’m exaggerating one single iota.

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4 thoughts on “Slaughter of the Innocents”

  1. You are right on TARGET!

    I grieve for all of the love and talents this world and our society has lost because of abortion.

    Who knows what those babies could have grown to be and what impact they could have had on the world around them.

    1. It’s true, I mourn the loss of these souls from our lives. I am equally terrified at what this evil creates in us by it’s very existence on our soil.

      We so easily talk about the evil of Hitler and the Nazis. Will we be remembered darker in comparison for what we have done?

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