St. Joseph Never Has Enough Candles.

Every church has them. They are obligatory. We have a statue of Mary on the left, and a St. Joesph on the right. More often then not, we also have a small rack of candles in front of each for folks to light and pray.

The candles for our Most Holy Mother are always lit. There are enough candles over there to heat up the entire church. It’s like a holy bonfire.

St Joe is lucky if he has one.

Poor St Joseph. Somewhere along the line we have just seemed to forget about him.

So I ask the question, what is the next big holiday coming up? Here, in the midst of Lent, what reprieve can we expect? Celebrations in Lent always seem so much brighter.

Why St Patrick’s day of course! Green clothes, green beer, corned beef and Irish music is the fare, and boy are we excited. It just a plain fun day, we celebrate it to the hilt. Pull out the accordions, and let’s throw a party!

And we should. St. Patrick was an awesome guy, and dangit, I love being Irish.

St Patrick’s day is however, an optional memorial, a day that we may, if we like, remember a great man, and how an entire nation can be changed by just one person. A day we can celebrate, not one we have to.

Just two days later though, it the lonely forgotten feast of St Joseph. Oops, I messed that up. It’s not a feast, it’s a Solemnity. As in really big important day. Christmas, that’s a solemnity. St Joseph’s feast day is just that big of a day.

But we don’t even notice it. We let this day just slip by as if nothing has happened.

Poor St. Joseph. He has just been forgotten.

St Patrick would be ashamed.

Take the time to get to know the man among men. Take the time to learn of Joseph, his sacrifice, his dedication. If you are a father, know that St Joseph is your patron. It was he who carefully took care of the virgin, and the Child which was not his. It was he that worked every day by the sweat of his brow to feed our savior. It was he that trained the Christ Child to carve yokes, so that He might free us and give us a yoke with a light burden.

Seriously, St Joseph needs more lit candles, especially in this time of economic hardship.

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One thought on “St. Joseph Never Has Enough Candles.”

  1. Great article. St. Joseph is often under-appreciated. He plays an incrediably great role in the formation of Jesus growing up. As you will remember after Jesus was found in the temple, Jesus was lovingly rebuked by his mother, and she said: your father and I were eagerly searching for you. And Jesus gives that classic line, “did you not know I must be about my Father’s business?” But after this gentle rebuke, Jesus was obedient to them.

    Jesus, as God is not suppose to be obedient to any man, for he is God. But God the Father has chosen a righteous man to be his stand-in, to help raise and form the young boy, Jesus, and this man is named Joseph.

    For this example shown in St. Joseph, we always need to be thankful.

    Deacon Brian

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