I love my kids, don’t get me wrong. I love them bunches. I feel like something is truly missing from my life if they are not in tow at every moment.

They went to Grandma’s house for a week.

Now I admit, I had heart pangs. I was sad to drop them off, and knew I would miss them every night they were gone. I knew I would look forward to my nightly call to hear about their day with baited breath and eager anticipation. This was all true.

At the same time, a week without kids is a foretaste of heaven. ( So is a week with kids, but I digress…) They get a week with Grandma and tea parties galore. I get a week of quiet. Win for both teams!

My lovely bride and I had the time of our lives. We went out to dinner nearly every night, I even took her to that fancy seafood place downtown. We went for walks and went to the local spa for an evening.

The best thing of all though, was just sitting around in the evening, talking about nothing at all while she did her cross stitching, and I played my video games or read a book.


I don’t even have to feel guilty. My kids are having the time of their life, even jumping in Great Grandma’s plane. (Yes, my grandmother flies experimental planes, but that’s another story)

So I haven’t been around for a bit. Yes, I love this blog, and I love connecting with other like minded folks around the world, but sometimes one just needs to take a break and spend some time being lovey dovey with the missus.

The kids are back though, and so am I. It was wonderful while it lasted.

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