The Lost Art of Writing Letters

Years ago I worked in data entry. As you can imagine, this was a really boring job. I worked hard though, and eventually gained the trust of my boss, who rewarded me by putting me on the most sensitive assignments. One of these was to document the original surveys from the Louisiana Purchase.

This was really very cool, because I got to hold the journals of the men doing the surveys in my own hands, and leaf through them at my leisure. The one thing that absolutely astounded me was their handwriting.

Think about this, you have rugged men, traveling through the wild, dirty, climbing over rocks and fording rivers, and yet you open these journals, and they show a penmanship ;so fine you would think they were calligraphists working ever so carefully at some prestigious college. Only they weren’t. These were just their quick notes to themselves.

In our age of email and texting, we have lost an art.

So years ago, I decided to work on my own handwriting, and I actually have become rather okay. (By which I mean that my writing no longer looks like the scrawling of a third grader)

I have decided though, that I simply need more practice.

I have a plan.

Yesterday, I received an email that really ticked me off. You can read about it here. Not long ago, our bishop also asked me to write a letter to my congressmen about the current issue with Obamacare as well.

What a great opportunity! I can kill two birds with one stone! I can do my duty as an American Catholic, and at the same time I can improve my penmanship. This is awesome!

Maybe you have been putting off writing a letter or two that you know you should write. Maybe it’s asking forgiveness from someone you hurt, or maybe it’s to forgive someone who hurt you. Maybe you need to tell your family you love them in a meaningful way. Or maybe, like me, you feel a deep responsibility to do something positive to slow the downward spiral of our nation.

Guess what? I bet your penmanship could use a bit of practice too. (A letter is so much cooler than an email, in my humble opinion, but do what suits you)

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