The Only Issue

Yesterday i said something with the full expectation that I would get called out. I said that looking towards the next election, the ONLY issue of any real and deep importance was the question of Catholic institutions being told to include abortificants, birth control and sterilizations in their health care plans.

No one yelled. I was shocked.

I fully expected folks to go on a tirade about how abortion, the death penalty, embryonic stem cell research and all the other intrinsic evils that we as Catholics must fight are really important issues too.

Well, yes and no.

Yes, they are all extremely important, because as Catholics, we cannot stand with evil. We must fight it at every turn. We must vote against it, speak against it, and where possible, responsibly act against it. I’m all there.

But my answer is still no. This issue is more important.

Why am I so die hard on this? I mean, it’s just birth control right? Its not like everyone out there isn’t using the stuff anyways right? Heck, even a ton of Catholics are using it, and that means its not a big deal, right?

Yes. It’s the biggest deal and here is why.

Abortion is a terrible thing. The thought of babies being murdered really bothers me, very deeply. I am extremely appalled at the idea of embryonic stem cell research. I am appalled at anything that assaults human life.

But I’m not being mandated to do it personally.

I am not ordered to kill my own children. I am not personally commanded to flip the switch on the electric chair. I am not forced to personally fund human cloning.

But soon, I can be forced to pay for someone else’s sterilization, abortion, or birth control, all of which I find evil to the core, mandated by the very government that supposedly supports my religious freedom.

Oh yes, this is the ONLY issue.

This issue is not about old men in funny hats making moral choices that are behind the times. (Not that I think that is the case of course!) This is an issue about every man, woman and child in this country having the freedom to do what they know is right. This is about the right to follow your conscience. This is way above a simple moral choice.

Welcome to the first great step. This is the first step that must be taken to take your freedom completely. If they can make this seem like no big deal, then the bar will be raised next time around. Do we really want to live in a society where our government decides what is morally okay, and then forces that morality on its citizens? This is starting to sound downright communist, and I think we have every reason to be very concerned.

Catholics are the first easy target. All you have to do is turn on the TV to realize that most of America thinks of Catholics as either a bunch of silly, demon fearing exorcists who are so into their own guilt that they cannot live their lives, a bunch of sexually perverted old men, or as the great evil organization bent on controlling the world through evil crusades and inquisitions. (Thanks Hollywood, I really appreciate the stereotyping) So who cares what they think, right?

The truth is, however, that the Church is the last great bastion of what is true and just, and if the Church can be taken down in small little pieces, all other Christian denominations will follow. The slow destruction of truth will not end until there is no truth left.

Fight this with all your might. There have been many small steps towards darkness in our lifetime, but this is one giant leap.

Stand by your bishops now. This is not the time to falter.


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One thought on “The Only Issue”

  1. So often, people think the issue here is just an economic one – about having people who do not support birth control paying for the pills of those who wish to use it. I mean c’mon, what is it about $15 a month. What’s the big deal – hospitals waste more than that on aspirin?

    The problem is not the $15/month. The problem is the mandate for all to participate and the encouragement (and none too subtle BTW) of a de-valuing of human life. It doesn’t matter if “everyone” uses it. It doesn’t matter if it’s “accepted”.

    This is DEFINITELY the time to stand with the bishops! Could someone PLEASE stand up as moral compass!! Reversing the trend of abortion cannot be done by just us. But it WILL be done if God so chooses. It’s time to implore Him again and to beg for His involvement.

    When will we stand for Him and His Most Innocents?!!

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