Two Of Me Is One Too Many

Well, my title is not exactly true. One of me may be too many!

Luckily for us, this issue is not currently on the table. Human cloning is currently illegal in every nation in the entire world. (I think; I could only find reports to 2005.) Even the UN has tried to make this a worldwide law. Everyone seems to get that this is a really bad idea. That means this should not influence you vote in the coming elections. (phew!)

Just so that we know what is going on here though, our idea of what human cloning is all about is often misunderstood. When we imagine cloning, we usually imagine some full grown copy of ourselves walking around. While this is certainly a possibility that is present, it is not the main focus of why scientists are interested in cloning.

The first, and major reason that scientists are interested has to do with Embryonic Stem Cell Research. The ability to continually create new test subjects from the same genetic material would greatly increase their supply, as well as establish a pretty solid control for their experiments. Please notice that these clones would still be entirely human, just as they are when these embryos are gathered from in vitro fertilization discards.

If you want more info as to why this is a bad idea, please read my post on Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

There is another reason why cloning is very interesting to scientists, and that is the possibility of replacing organs and other body parts. That’s right, they grow a new version of you, all nice and healthy, lobotomize the poor guy, and give you his or her organs. The best part is, it’s your DNA, so everything should match up perfectly. The bad part is, the clone had to die to give it to you.

That’s right, imagine raising a child who’s only purpose was to die so you could gut him for your own benefit. Sounds great huh? I mean,it’s not a real person right? The trouble is, by all intensive purposes, it is a real person.

Think of it as the new slavery, but instead of making your slave do manual labor, you just gut him for his innards. Not a pretty thought, and I am thankful that the entire world seems to agree. (for now)

The day will come when you will hear about the miraculous benefits of human cloning, and why it should be made legal. Don’t listen to any of it, it is a bunch of hogwash. And that day will come.

Well that about wraps up my voting guide, I hope that it was able to shed some light on the major issues we have to deal with in the upcoming years as we look at and evaluate potential candidates. I would strongly suggest that you take these attacks against human life and the family very seriously, and take real action. The best way to do this is to get out there and vote.

There is one other issue that is important, but as it is so vital to the upcoming election, I really wanted to set it as its own issue. I imagine I might take a break from the heavy stuff for a few days, but look forward to discussing Birth Control, and Religious Liberty in the near future.

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