Ugggh Celery

I truly dislike celery. It’s really nasty stuff, all crunch and no taste. I hate how the stringy bits get caught in my teeth.

Every time I am at some party, they always have the little veggie platters out with the carrots and the bell peppers and the cute little radishes. I cringe when I see someone dip that zero carb stick of nastiness into a vat of ranch dressing or peanut butter. Eww.

Why not just reach for a carrot? They are so tasty, and they are crunchy too! Beautiful, bold color, perfect for dipping, you just can’t beat it. But celery? Gross.

There are a lot of people in my life that are a lot like celery. I just do not like them. I can’t help it. maybe it’s the way they laugh that hurts my ears, or some defect in their physical makeup that draws my attention in a way that I cannot avoid. There is this one woman who is a perfectly nice person, very helpful, very sweet. But she talks so dang loud. Really, really loud. I’m whispering, she’s yelling. It drives me crazy.

You know what, I don’t actually hate celery now that I really think about it. I love it when celery is in a soup for example. It gets all soft and yet retains it’s crispness. It soaks up all the flavors of all the vegetables and meats around it. Somehow, when you throw the celery into a pot with a bunch of different vegetables, the celery actually goes beyond palatable, and becomes good. It’s nearly miraculous.

I have found the same thing to be true with the celery people. (Did I just coin a phrase? Will “celery people” be our new code word?) Those same people that drive me crazy when I’m alone with them seem to fill out when brought into a diverse group of people. Their edges are worn down, the whining laughter is dulled by the noise, and the loud woman is finally talking at just the right volume. It’s nearly miraculous.

What I mean to say is, it’s okay not to like everyone you come in contact with. Yes you must love and respect them, but liking them is not mandatory. You may even find that the people who’s company you don’t enjoy are not so bad in the right situations, so seek them out there. You don’t have to take them out to coffee to be a friend to them.

So if you find celery, feel free to make soup.

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