What a Know-It-All

Have you ever noticed that every group you are involved with has one, pesky, know-it-all type person in the group? I don’t care if you are talking about work, play, crafting or school, if there is a group of people, this guy seems to show up.

I may have a view that is rather skewed on this topic, since in almost every group, sad to say, I am that person. So for me, every group has a know-it-all, because I’m in it.

I’m here to tell you, it’s a dang curse. I don’t really want to be this way. It’s just if I’m bothering to show up, chances are I am interested. If I am interested, I’ve probably done my homework, and am really there simply because I want to know more then I could find out in ten minutes on the internet. So I come in, blasting away with all this information and excitement like a cat in a room full of mice. It’s ridiculous. Somebody just tell me to shut up already.

So I’m in my deacon formation classes, trying to put on a bit of that humility I so desperately need, but because I’m so engaged in the topic, I feel like I’m controlling every question or topic that comes up. Yes, it is good to be inquisitive, but there is a point where it’s a bit over the top.

So now I get to the funny part. The rest of my class? They are mostly the same way. Is this just one of the traits a deacon naturally has? Are we all plugged in naturally with the ability to annoy our fellow man? It seems to me, that for the sake of our communities, we should all be given a timer we have to carry with us at all times, so that we can limit every response to two minutes or less. I’m surprised we can even hear when we get back home from all the noise. You never heard such a group of loud, opinionated men.

Thank God half of the noise is often laughter at our own silliness,

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