Why Do You Visit My Blog?

I have a rather silly little hobby. Whenever I remember to sit down and write a post, I take a look at who visited my site, and I try to figure out why they came. I think it’s really rather funny.

So I thought for today, I’d share with you the information I gleaned from yesterday.

Yesterday was a good day volume-wise. I had 237 folks take a look. They promptly realized that I am a terrible writer, so 75% of them said “Forget this, I’m off to other things.” Well, I can’t hold the attention of my daughters for 2 minutes, so I can hardly expect to hold anyone else’s for that long.

Here is where the fun starts. Where did they come from?

Well, most of my traffic yesterday came from the support of other great bloggers throwing my links and posts up, but there is always a ton from the good old search engines, especially Google. So what did they search for that brought them here?

Well, ten folks were just interested in “four leaf clovers”. I guess that just makes me lucky.

I have one here who was interested in “methods for washing feet”. Phew, glad I don’t have that problem, hope I helped.

“How to decorate a dead tree” I have always wanted to get into exterior design, maybe I missed my calling.

“4 Yaprakli Yonca” I have no idea what this is, but it brought them here. I bet they were just thrilled to land on my blog.

I think I am using my Nazi = Abortion metaphor too much, as someone looking for “Nazis killing Jews” found their way here. I’m sure to be entered into some white supremacy blacklist soon.

“Love Handshake” I’m not sure this site really has what you are looking for…..

“Should Not.” Really? That brought you here? How?

Now I just love that the internet thinks of me when it thinks of “Boys in the mud.”

Now here I have to be careful. I really don’t want people to get the wrong idea when they “Put kids in the closet.”

“You’re such a deacon” Makes it sound like a really nasty thing doesn’t it?

“Gift idea for someone who is ordained as a deacon in the catholic church” Oh man, I should put in some recommendations for this one. I’m thinking they would just love a years supply of pizza.

“How to make a blanket mattress fort” I didn’t even realize anyone knew about my secret childhood passion.

“How to bi locate” Don’t worry my friend, I will be giving lessons at some point for the low, low price of $99.95. Results not guaranteed.

Mr Know it All, My Hero

And my personal favorite, because they finally found who they were looking for, “Know it all person.”


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9 thoughts on “Why Do You Visit My Blog?”

  1. Why do I visit? I find your writing is was it is suppose to be. I mean to say truthful. When you write something funny, it is humorous. When you take on a serious subject, you don’t pull your punches. Keep it up. I mentioned the facial hair blog to my circle of friends, you were correct, the men said, Lets grow beards! The women said we’d look sinister and no kisses would be coming our way.
    Until next time. Frank

    1. Wow! I deeply appreciate your complements. I equally appreciate your well thought out comments. they to are always to the point and make me think more deeply on my topics. Thank you for the challenge to keep it up.

      I just loved the response you and your friends had to my beard post! As for me, I must admit, kisses would be more valuable then facial hair. It almost makes me sad.

  2. I’ve had a good laugh at some of the key word searches that bring people into my blog! In the past few months I haven’t seen anything strange, so thinks for sharing yours!;-)
    And Dance I just love your honest posts! They make me think and they make me laugh!
    God Bless!

      1. You aren’t the first bearded guy to tell me that! (about being sweet AND about the book!) 😉 My hubby has been pushing for me to create a book too…funny but the book’s been more of a serious conversation since that Ascension craft. So you aren’t the only one who really liked it! I have to admit that the idea of a book totally freaks me out! But it’s like God to push me in a direction I don’t want to go! He likes to do that! I tend to be the kinda gal who will try anything once -as long as it’s not sinful! So a book maybe in my future. Thanks so much, Dance! Your kind input means a lot! God Bless!

  3. The reason I visit – is to get all of the answers! You have them, don’t you…… You’re ALMOST a deacon……… JK

    Seriously – what resources did you find helpful during your discernment process prior to Aspirancy and what has helped you on your way through that phase as well as your current journey toward ordination?

    Thanks SO MUCH! for all of the candid comments. This journey is both exciting and scary!

    1. Of course I have all the answers, I am after all, Mr. Know it All. (My wife prefers Mr. Smarty Pants, and she’s probably more right on) As for me being ALMOST a deacon, God has a lot more to fix in me before that date. By saying “a lot”, I of course mean my entire being. Seriously, pray for me.

      As for your other question, you’ll have to wait just a bit.

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