You Want to Choke Me With Candles?

Okay, so if your family had been sitting around the table for 2000 years, you would have some pretty silly traditions too.

Today is official rub candles on your throat day.

Yes, I’m serious. If you are not a daily Mass goer, you may have missed this great celebration of throat massage.

Today is the feast of St Blaise. Now, we don’t know a ton about Blaise, as he was a saint from a really really long time ago (300ish AD), but we have one legend that has really stuck with us. Now Blaise was by trade a physician, and after feeling called by God, he decided to go live in a cave. Well, back then I guess folks who lived in caves were really popular, because in no time, this alternate lifestyle led to him being called to be a bishop. Only trouble is, being a bishop back then was a rather dangerous affair.

So Blaise ended up in prison. Being a physician, he naturally went about his merry business helping people with their ailments, especially his fellow prisoners.

One day he was asked to treat a boy who got a fish bone stuck in his throat. He of course did the natural thing, and “fished” it out. (Pun most definitely intended) There you go. Blaise gets out fish bone, so we celebrate this by asking St. Blaise to bless our throats for the coming year. Heck, we blessed some candles yesterday, maybe we should use those too! So every year, we bust out the candles, and start blessing the throats.

Now I am not sure of the efficacy of this particular prayer, but I have to admit I am rather disappointed that I won’t be able to make it to Mass today. (Friday is Latin day, so I am stuck at home) I’m just sure that my throat will be all out of whack for the rest of the year. I love it when we celebrate these little fun feasts, and I’m sorry to miss it.

All levity aside, I must finish the legend of St. Blaise. When he was about to be executed, he ask God to aid those who suffered after his death by asking his intercession, that in death he may be able to help those still living. God answered his prayer, and more astoundingly, everyone there heard it. While this did not stay his execution, it did most certainly let people know who intercession they could rely on.

St. Blaise, pray for us.

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