You’re Such a Jerk

So I was looking over my posts over the last few weeks, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I sound overly critical. I truly don’t mean to be that way. I’m not a jerk, I swear!

When it comes to the Church, I’ll be the first to say there are real problems. There are real, honest issues that we need to work out, both on a macro level, and within our our parishes as well. These issues are of such great importance that they must be looked at, prayed about and acted on.

That does not me I think it’s all doom and gloom, and that the apocalypse is on the horizon.

I don’t.

In fact, I feel quite the opposite. I feel that the Church is the one great hope in the world, and that what we are doing right far outweighs our failings. If you drive into any town, you will find Catholic hospitals, Catholic schools, Catholic charities. You will find Catholics feeding the poor, visiting the sick, ministering to prisons, raising their children, protesting outside of abortion clinics, in short, living the gospel.

We are doing so much, so very right, and I’m proud of it.

More than that, I am proud to know how many Catholics are doing this out of a sincere love of Jesus. In a world where Jesus has become a bad word, used to curse, and banned from both the office and any other public sphere, I am proud to see so many profess their love for Him openly, and backing it up with service.

I’m truly very proud indeed.

In fact, I would say that I am critical because I see so much good. For example, I am critical of my daughters because I see their potential. Are they doing a great job? Unbelievably good, without doubt. For me, that means I need to push harder, not ease up. I need to challenge them more, not less. They have shown what they are capable of, and I must call them to task.

The Catholic Church as an organization has had the single largest impact on the world, bar none. No one else can even pretend to have had half the effect on humanity. I think I can comfortably say that nearly all that effect was good. Have there been problems? You bet, but on the whole, I find the problems to be rather minuscule in comparison to the good that has been wrought.

So I think we as a people need to be held to task. We have changed the face of the world time and time again, and we will change it now. So if I’m overly critical, please don’t think I’m not quite in love, I most certainly am.

Plus, arguments are so much more fun to talk about.

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