Rugged Rosary – Review

I am not exactly…..dainty…. I’m loud, a bit brash, and I am generally really rough on things. However, I am also really sentimental, and have a tendency to really hold on to stuff. I like nice, simple things, and I like them to last forever so I never have to buy it again. I also... Continue Reading →

Deaconstore – Review

I am a procrastinator. I don’t try to be, I actually work quite hard to be proactive, but sometimes my lazy nature just kicks in, and before I know it, a deadline approaches, and I am caught unprepared. So, I was to be ordained in a few weeks, and I had not yet bought any... Continue Reading →

The Incarnation – Homily (A-Ad-4)

One thing I was taught in my homiletics courses was “Good homilists borrow, great homilists steal.” I can’t tell you how true this is. There are so many great saints, theologians and thinkers who have gone before us, that we would be crazy not to use their wisdom, even their words. This homily is a... Continue Reading →

My First Homily!

My pastor scheduled me to preach my very first weekend as a deacon, to go along with a celebration of my ordination. I worked on my first homily all summer long. I really wanted to get it all right, I wanted to start off good. It was a finely crafted work of art. I then... Continue Reading →

Ordination! Two Impressions…

Satan tried to bring me down. I know it was him, I felt it. I was in the hotel room getting ready, and I had a brand new alb my beloved priest had bought for me. It was beautiful: Long, White, Clean, Crisp, …just beautiful. I had never worn it, and it was wrinkled. We... Continue Reading →

Rite of Candidacy

Or is it the Rite of Confusion? The main problem we had was not the Rite itself, that is pretty straightforward. The Rite of Candidacy is simply the Church calling you forward as a candidate for Holy Orders. It would seem to be so simple, right? Alas, no! The problem is not what the Rite... Continue Reading →

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