The True New Year’s Day

I'm a high school theology teacher, and as you might imagine, I have a love / hate relationship with this time of year. On one side of things, I am so very happy to see all of my students, of whom I very much love. I have been looking forward to their stories, their youthful... Continue Reading →

The Scandal in Pennsylvania

I never watch the news. Ever. It's usually depressing, and rarely relevant to my life in the slightest. Friends, coworkers and parishioners are often quite shocked with just how out of touch I am with current events most of the time. It's like I live in a cave. It takes a lot to make me... Continue Reading →

My First Commencement Speech

In all my prideful dreams, I don't think I ever thought I would give a commencement speech. I'm still rather shocked at even being asked. I would hardly consider myself successful by any means, and I'm not all that inspirational either. Yet it did indeed happen. The Lord puts us in the most unexpected situations!... Continue Reading →

Nancy Elgin

A couple of years ago, I lost a good friend. She used to come to my house and paint with my kids, and dance Irish jigs in my kitchen. She was one of the most faithful women I have ever met, and I still feel I can see her sitting in her normal pew, scolding... Continue Reading →

I want your input!

Alright, so I have two projects going at the same time, and I am hoping to fuse them together into one. I could use your thoughts! First: I desire to bring content you find useful and at least mildly entertaining. What do you want more of in my writing on the blog?¬† Tidbit facts? Life... Continue Reading →

How to dispose of holy things

You might think being invited to a BBQ is a special treat, a chance to relax and hang out. Alas, it is not always so. I was grilling up some chicken over at the rectory with my priests, deacons, and some friends, and we had a lovely time. Then, a few days later, I get... Continue Reading →

I lost it all.

So a few months ago, I went to write some thoughts down on the blog, and as I opened it up, I saw my own face staring back at me. "Why am I doing this?" I wondered to myself, and as I looked at my picture staring back at me, I suddenly felt as if... Continue Reading →

Website down

I had some trouble with the website over the last few months. I'll be fixing these shortly. I apologize for any inconvienence, and look forward to reopening. (and from the looks of it, restarting as well!) Blessings, Deacon Dance

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