Learning Spanish

So this post is off my norm. I have decided I have to learn Spanish. For many years, my parish's hispanic community has been served by a fabulous deacon, Jesus, who sadly had to move due to work. He has been gone almost a year now, and I have suddenly realized over the last few... Continue Reading →

Dedication of the Lateran Basilica

It seems silly to have a feast day for a building. I don't care how important the building is, a feast day? Would we celebrate the day the White House, Big Ben, or the Eiffel Tower was built? What exactly is the "Lateran Basilica", and why should anyone care? Every time this feast day comes... Continue Reading →

When did Halloween become so dark?

I was driving to Mass this week, and I drove by a house that had decorated for Halloween. These folks went all out, there were cobwebs everywhere, tombstones, the whole nine yards, but what really got me was their main decoration in the middle of their yard. It was this huge ghoulish figure surrounded by... Continue Reading →

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