Our Mission at DeaconDance.com

St. John Paul the Great, one of my personal great heroes, called the world to something he coined, “The New Evangelization”, that is, he called for faithful Catholics around the world to being anew, reeducating the world on the Christian faith. In his mind, and my own as well, the great crisis was not that the world had abandoned the Gospel, but that the Gospel had been forgotten by the modern world.

Many minds greater than mine have answered this call. I hope only to add my small voice to the multitudes. I do have a small difference though.

I want to do it for free.

Here’s the deal: There is so much great content teaching the Catholic Faith out there, but most of it is hidden behind a subscription or a pay wall. Many of those who need it most would simply not pay for it. So it must be free. I am cheap, so while I might not be the best, I hope to fill the gap, helping people come to faith here, and to move to the better content as they move closer to the Lord, as well as refer them to it.

I know, there are many great books for this, but I think we have missed a very simple fact. Most people don’t read books anymore. Rather than lament this reality, does it not make more sense to meet them where they are at? Paul did not sit in Jerusalem waiting for the Gentiles to come, he went out to meet them. So I too hope to go out to meet the world.

As a teacher, I have also been frustrated at the low amount of content I have to use in classrooms. I hope to make teaching the Faith easier, whether you be in parish religious education, at a Catholic School, in RCIA programs, or are just interested in knowing more about your faith. I basically want to try to cover everything the Church teaches in 5-10 minute videos and podcasts for free. I think I might get 10% done by the time I die, it’s a really big job.

I do hope to get your assistance in this endeavor once I have my content up to a higher standard and volume, so if you feel called to help me in this mission, the opportunity will come soon enough.

The Plan:

Free Religious Education Video Library

A free resource of videos for anyone interested on learning more about the Catholic Faith, free of copyright issues, free for use in all environments, public or private, available for download and dispersion as anyone desires, and available worldwide, especially for parishes, schools, communities and individuals who either lack the finances for better programs, or desire to spend their money on other resources.

Catholic Conversations with Deacon Dance Podcast

A podcast with a variety of topics designed to help enrich and embolden the faith of Catholics, the podcast is designed to be a fun and thoughtful catechism you can take on the road with you. There are a whole bunch of great podcasts out there, I am not sure yet where this is going to go yet. My hope is to create a bridge for people who have found my videos into a deeper and more involved faith life.

DeaconDance.com Blog

Snippets, thoughts, reflections and images of Catholic life, the blog is random on purpose, in hopes to expose people to new ideas, new ways of looking at the life of faith. It is my hope to inspire devotions, encourage reflections, make you laugh, expose you to things you may not have heard of and remind you of things you have forgotten.