Video Course Listings

When I converted to Catholicism, I had so much trouble finding any information on our faith. Now, as a religious education professional, I am often astounded to find that I can learn to do almost anything on YouTube, except get reliable Catholic teaching. Yes, this is getting better and better, but still I find most stuff out there is ordered towards the curious rather than those who are looking for actual education.

I have decided to stop complaining and just make it happen.

So for anyone who wants it, I offer these courses free. You are welcome to use them in classrooms, in parish education programs, to teach Sacraments, or just because you are curious.

You are not allowed to use them or sell them for profit, and any use must credit and link this website or our YouTube channel should you use them anywhere else in print, on the internet, or in any other media. You are allowed to use them in part, but are not allowed to edit or change them in any way. Anything else we consider fair use.

I realize we have very few right now, but keep checking back. We will have many, many more.