Let the Ordinary be Sanctified!

A collection of the writings, thoughts and ramblings of Deacon Dance. 

My hope is to inspire you to remember things you have forgotten, find things you never knew of, and help you see the Holy Spirit moving in the ordinary moments of your own life.

The little things prepare you for the big things

Life is sacramental in nature. It is holy from start to finish, because everything we do, and everything that surrounds us is meant to lead us to God. We often see this in the big and important moments, and once in a while, it seems the light from heaven peeks through. The typical cliche sunset that we know is cliche, and yet still grabs us. A grand vista, or the

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The mission of DeaconDance.com

I promised you an update on what I am doing here, where I think all of this is going. I think it’s only fair I tell you who have followed me through these last few years what is happening here, and the whats and whys of all of this change. It all started one year ago today as I write this, October 12th, 2017. It was the 100th anniversary of

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All Souls Day – a trip to the cemetery

On my homepage, I have a picture of an event I put on every year, a trip to our local cemetery for young people. It’s a rather simple affair, we go to the chapel and pray the Office for the Dead together. Then I have students bring forward pictures of those whom have passed away that they know, and write their names in a book so we can remember them.

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When did Halloween become so dark?

I was driving to Mass this week, and I drove by a house that had decorated for Halloween. These folks went all out, there were cobwebs everywhere, tombstones, the whole nine yards, but what really got me was their main decoration in the middle of their yard. It was this huge ghoulish figure surrounded by a circle of ghostly supplicants. It was like looking at some demonic ritual from a

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The home prayer corner – just as important as the kitchen

I know I’m not alone in this, only because I’ve seen it in nearly every sitcom I’ve ever viewed, and seen it ever present in nearly every home I’ve ever walked into. I have a chair. It’s MY chair. Sure, on occasion others might sit in it, but people usually don’t like to. I can’t help but look around carefully when I walk into someone’s house, I don’t want to

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St. Francis – not a hippie

St. Francis has to be one of the most well known, and dearly beloved Saints, and for very, very good reason. While he was not great in physical stature, he was truly a giant among men. His clear, complete, and wholehearted devotion to God was a beacon for his time, and even now centuries later, he remains a light that shines through time and space to touch the hearts of

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The Name of Jesus, our speech impediment

This post is an adaptation from a homily I wrote for the 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle B. A speech impediment. That’s what the man in the Gospel had today. A speech impediment. Not liver cancer. Not leprosy. A speech impediment. Something was getting in the way of him speaking. This seems like such a random thing for Jesus to heal. Of all the problems in the world, a

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St. Therese of Lisieux

Today is the most important day of the year. Well, one of them anyways. To day is the Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux, my dearest friend, and patron Saint. I love her so much, and her portrait sits right next to our Blessed Mother on my home prayer altar. I suppose I should explain how a gruff, balding old man with a dissolute past like me would choose a

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Why am I scared to talk about Hell?

I have been really bothered lately. As I put together content for this site, and teach in the parish and school, I’m wondering if being nice is actually being helpful. Here’s my problem: I’m deeply concerned that people might be going to Hell on my watch. I’m deeply concerned that I am putting my own soul at risk by not being much more clear about what the Lord calls us

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