Let the Ordinary be Sanctified!

A collection of the writings, thoughts and ramblings of Deacon Dance. 

My hope is to inspire you to remember things you have forgotten, find things you never knew of, and help you see the Holy Spirit moving in the ordinary moments of your own life.

Website down

I had some trouble with the website over the last few months. I’ll be fixing these shortly. I apologize for any inconvienence, and look forward to reopening. (and from the looks of it, restarting as well!) Blessings, Deacon Dance

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Who do you say that I am? – Homily (A-OT-5)

“Show me a sign, and I will believe.” I hear it all the time, a million different ways. “If God is real, why doesn’t he just show himself to us, and remove all doubt?” “Isn’t it easier to say that there is no point to it all, rather than say that some imaginary God is everywhere, orchestrating everything?” “I’d believe if I saw a miracle, but miracles don’t really happen.”

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The Road to Emmaus – Homily (A-ET-2)

I’m not a particular fan of change. I like things to be even keeled, I like to know what is coming and be prepared for it. When something unexpected happens, I get all flustered. A little over a week ago, I was coming home from a visit to my family, when I heard that 101 was closed. I was positively mad. My plans had to be changed, I had to

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Holy Week! Bring your whole heart to the story!

This weekend, we enter into that most holy of times as we begin to celebrate the fullness of the paschal mystery, living through Christ’s passion, death and resurrection. At Palm Sunday, we remember that we stand beside all those who seek to end Christ’s life through our own sin, as we too cry out, “Crucify Him!” It is an emotional time for me. I cannot help but be drawn up

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Rugged Rosary – Review

I am not exactly…..dainty…. I’m loud, a bit brash, and I am generally really rough on things. However, I am also really sentimental, and have a tendency to really hold on to stuff. I like nice, simple things, and I like them to last forever so I never have to buy it again. I also really want it to be able to stand up to, well, life. Rosaries have always

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Deaconstore – Review

I am a procrastinator. I don’t try to be, I actually work quite hard to be proactive, but sometimes my lazy nature just kicks in, and before I know it, a deadline approaches, and I am caught unprepared. So, I was to be ordained in a few weeks, and I had not yet bought any clerical shirts. I work in a school, and so with permission from my bishop, I

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A Life of Meaning – Homily (A-OT-5)

Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a bushel basket. It is put on a lamp stand where it gives light to the whole house. Just so, your light should shine before others. I think Jesus has this one all wrong. You see, I don’t really want to be a light, I want the light to shine on me. I want everyone to notice what a great

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The Incarnation – Homily (A-Ad-4)

One thing I was taught in my homiletics courses was “Good homilists borrow, great homilists steal.” I can’t tell you how true this is. There are so many great saints, theologians and thinkers who have gone before us, that we would be crazy not to use their wisdom, even their words. This homily is a great example. I freely stole from Chris Stephanick of Real life Catholic. You should check this

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Thanksgiving Kingdom – Homily (C-OT-Christ the King)

This homily was my first real challenge, as I wanted to marry the ideas of Thanksgiving with the feast of Christ the King. How well did I do? I love cranberry sauce. I don’t want to offend anyone here, I am sure many of you make great cranberry sauce, but I am partial to the jellied stuff that comes in a can. For me, that can shaped glob of red,

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Parish Receptions – Among So Many Friends

I love my parish. No, you don’t understand, I love my parish. These people are the best friends I have. I don’t really have many friends outside of the Church, and my parish holds most of these people. I’m the guy who loves to hang out at RCIA and Catechism classes just to be around. I’m a member of the Knights of Columbus just because I think those guys are cool. Old,

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