Are Catholics Cannibals?

Catholics in their worship service, called the Mass, eat bread and wine that we believe is transformed into the actual human body of Jesus Christ. Does this mean we are cannibals? Many of the ancient Romans believed this, and this was one of the many reasons that they persecuted the Christians. Now, 2000 years later,... Continue Reading →

Why can deacons be married?

Deacons are the lowest rank of clergy in the Catholic Church, and in the Roman Catholic Church, are the only ones that can be married. Why is this so? What is the difference between a deacon, a priest, or a monk or nun?

The Power of Words

I do question and answer sessions with almost every group of people I work with, from sixth graders to hospice care. Everyone has questions, and while I don't always have the answers, so many questions are repeated that I'm at the point where I'm actually pretty good with most questions. This summer, I was asked... Continue Reading →

I lost my green thumb

It's harvest time, and this is the first year in a very long time that means something to me. This year, I built my wife a garden. She always wanted to grow things. I used to spend a lot of time in my gardens as a young man, and always enjoyed it, so I was... Continue Reading →

For the love of chant

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Gregory the Great. There aren't all that many Saints we label with "the Great", but this man's love for the poor and his powerful ability to stay true to the faith despite being elevated to the Papacy rightly earned him the title. He was immensely fond of the... Continue Reading →

The True New Year’s Day

I'm a high school theology teacher, and as you might imagine, I have a love / hate relationship with this time of year. On one side of things, I am so very happy to see all of my students, of whom I very much love. I have been looking forward to their stories, their youthful... Continue Reading →

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