When Times are Dark, Be Holy

I couldn’t really fit what I wanted to say in a post, so I made a video.

It’s not a very good video, I’ve never really done that before.

I would really like to know if this is something I should do more of, or if I should leave this to better creators. There are many really good evangelists out there in the video and podcasting world, and I would not like to lower the quality of Catholic content if I am not good for it. I leave it to you, I really don’t know.

Also, I am indeed quite serious. We need to be a light on the hill. If these last few weeks have taught me anything, it is that we all share that responsibility to pour out all of our gifts to this end.

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  1. Deacon, i am in the middle of my fourth year or formation. I follow you posts since they show a deacon living his vocation in the community, which is what I understood deacons were supposed to be about. I recognize every deacon’s situation is probably different in some respects, but seeing you living your vocation both the good and the not so good, gives folks in formation hope for the future.

    1. I am certainly glad that my writing from my experience of formation, and my small tidbits of life in service to our Lord has been helpful to those looking to do the same. I have always been very thankful for that. I will continue to keep you in my prayers as you begin to move towards the last part of your journey!

  2. I want to register my objection right here and right now before you go any further sir.
    You said in your description “It’s not a good video”. Let me decide that for myself.
    By telling me it’s not a good video you have cast judgement for me. You’ve predisposed your viewers to assuming what you have to say has no value.
    To the contrary, what you spoke was honest and true. This is a time to get outside of our comfort zones.
    Do you think the prophets Jeremiah felt comfortable standing before the high priest and telling him the temple would be destroyed? Certainly not, and they put him in the sticks for it. But he did what he had to do to get God’s message across.
    You’ve done what you have to do, and you did it well.
    Thank you.

    1. Ugg. Comfort zones. I’m working on that so hard right now. My wife keep reminding me of lamps and lampstands. Thank you for the support, we’ll just have to see if this is God’s thing.

  3. I think you did well. This was from your heart. God gave you a gift. Use it wisely. We have been in San Diego. We have heard things all weekend about this. We are all in sorrow over this. I think most of us are doing a good job trying to protect our kids and those others whomay be at risk. Let’s not throw the Pope under the bus here. Let’s wait to see where the truth lies here. The most important thing for use to realize is that we are under attack, and that Sati is a mighty force. Our Lord is mightier. Our Lady has crushed his head. You are right. Pray the Rosery. Call on Mary. We as children of God, need to protect His Church and stand up to a society that find is pleasure in sin. Know you are loved. God bless.

    1. Please don’t misunderstand me. I will happily assume Pope Francis is on the right side of things until it is proven otherwise. When I speak of the some of the highest men in the Church, I speak directly of former Cardinal McCarrick and Cardinal Wuerl, both clearly implicated by the Pennsylvania Grand Jury. While I am indeed watching closely, as my impression of Vigano has always been a good one, that in no way means I am ready to commit to any comment of such magnitude as defaming the pope until things are much, much clearer, which will happen in its own time.

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