The Pentecost

This Homily was written for Pentecost Sunday, 2020. Fire. Think of the sheer power of fire. Fire burns, it destroys. I grew up in the mountains of the Gold Country, and we were perpetually afraid every summer. I remember as a child driving through areas that had been burned, it looked as if the very... Continue Reading →

How not to write a homily

My pastor, though he often seems wise, on occasion does a foolish thing. Like giving me the homily for Pentecost. To make matters worse, it will of course be recorded as we are all staying at home, so my normal slips of the tongue will be saved for all posterity. I'm pretty sure I'm going... Continue Reading →

The Name of Jesus, our speech impediment

This post is an adaptation from a homily I wrote for the 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle B. A speech impediment. That’s what the man in the Gospel had today. A speech impediment. Not liver cancer. Not leprosy. A speech impediment. Something was getting in the way of him speaking. This seems like such... Continue Reading →

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