Let the Ordinary be Sanctified!

A collection of the writings, thoughts and ramblings of Deacon Dance. 

My hope is to inspire you to remember things you have forgotten, find things you never knew of, and help you see the Holy Spirit moving in the ordinary moments of your own life.

Happy New Years! – Sort of

The end of summer. In some ways it is a breath of fresh air, in others, it’s a sad ending. I’m not sure what it’s like in the rest of the world, but in America, especially for families, this time of year is “the real” start of the new year. Sure, we might get fireworks and throw glitter in the winter, but when push comes to shove, this is the

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Love – The Practice of the Christian Life

I had several requests to post my recent homily on the Good Samaritan, so here it is! Blessings! While I had been thinking about it all week, I have to admit I procrastinated writing this homily until Friday (last) night. I was out of time, so in a fit of genius, I decided to instead reorganize my living room. I’m moving a piano and couches, setting up a new place

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Lent – Do the Minimum

So last weekend, I took it upon myself to read out the annual regulations for Lent that my bishop sent out. They were printed in the bulletin too, so it wasn’t like I was trying to over step my bounds or anything. Plus, they are the same regulations as last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year…. you get the point, there aren’t

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Just do the next thing

It has been a wild and crazy couple of months. The non-stop events of the season of Advent, followed by the sigh of relief that Christmas brings always turns my life into a madhouse. This year brought that to new heights. Visiting family, a daughter home from college, the normal events of the season at the school and parish along with trying to become more present with the Spanish community

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Christmas Evangelization

In my last post, I shared a few arguments outlining why we, as Catholics, may want to jump in and outwardly celebrate Christmas with society even though it is officially early. I came up with two main points, it is nice to celebrate with all the people in our life, even beyond our immediate family, and it is a powerful tool for evangelization. Today I want to explore the second

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Should we celebrate Christmas during Advent?

Here we stand in the last few moments of the Church year, and already Christmas seems well under way all around us. While I do lament us starting too early, as in right after Halloween, here after Thanksgiving as Advent is about to turn upon us, is this too early too? Well, if I had to give a quick and dirty response, I’d have to say yes, but I think

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Learning Spanish

So this post is off my norm. I have decided I have to learn Spanish. For many years, my parish’s hispanic community has been served by a fabulous deacon, Jesus, who sadly had to move due to work. He has been gone almost a year now, and I have suddenly realized over the last few months just how large a hole he left behind. Don’t get me wrong, our priest

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Yet another post about the commercialization of Christmas

I went to the mall with my daughter the weekend after Halloween. Not only were they already putting up Christmas decorations, banners, trees, ornaments the size of my house, (and not a picture of Jesus to be seen…), but there was already the Christmas mood music playing in the background. Now look, I’m mad about Christmas. Not mad as in unhappy, but as in I go completely nuts. I would,

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Offering our sickness to the Lord

The Lord is so good to me, he let me get sick. Not just a little sick, but knock me on my butt, I can’t remember what day it is, sick. Okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT bad, but I’m a man, and that means when I get sick I’m like a little baby. I’m the husband calling my wife in a whiny, childish voice, “Honey, would you get me my

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Dedication of the Lateran Basilica

It seems silly to have a feast day for a building. I don’t care how important the building is, a feast day? Would we celebrate the day the White House, Big Ben, or the Eiffel Tower was built? What exactly is the “Lateran Basilica”, and why should anyone care? Every time this feast day comes around, I always enjoy asking Catholics what the Lateran Basilica is. I’ve had some great

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