The Pentecost

This Homily was written for Pentecost Sunday, 2020. Fire. Think of the sheer power of fire. Fire burns, it destroys. I grew up in the mountains of the Gold Country, and we were perpetually afraid every summer. I remember as a child driving through areas that had been burned, it looked as if the very... Continue Reading →

How not to write a homily

My pastor, though he often seems wise, on occasion does a foolish thing. Like giving me the homily for Pentecost. To make matters worse, it will of course be recorded as we are all staying at home, so my normal slips of the tongue will be saved for all posterity. I'm pretty sure I'm going... Continue Reading →

On the Loss of Freedom

I can't help but feel the world has changed overnight. One day, I was going to work, praying with our community, laughing with friends, and living what I felt was a good and happy life. Suddenly, everything is different than before, I can't see people's smiles through their masks, I sense the frustrations of the... Continue Reading →

The Suffering of Loneliness

Almost a year ago, I wrote a post about how it's "American New Years", promising to write more. That was the last post I wrote. Well, at least I had good intentions. A few days ago, I got a note from a reader letting me know I should write again, especially in this time of... Continue Reading →

Happy New Years! – Sort of

The end of summer. In some ways it is a breath of fresh air, in others, it's a sad ending. I'm not sure what it's like in the rest of the world, but in America, especially for families, this time of year is "the real" start of the new year. Sure, we might get fireworks... Continue Reading →

Lent – Do the Minimum

So last weekend, I took it upon myself to read out the annual regulations for Lent that my bishop sent out. They were printed in the bulletin too, so it wasn't like I was trying to over step my bounds or anything. Plus, they are the same regulations as last year, and the year before... Continue Reading →

Just do the next thing

It has been a wild and crazy couple of months. The non-stop events of the season of Advent, followed by the sigh of relief that Christmas brings always turns my life into a madhouse. This year brought that to new heights. Visiting family, a daughter home from college, the normal events of the season at... Continue Reading →

Christmas Evangelization

In my last post, I shared a few arguments outlining why we, as Catholics, may want to jump in and outwardly celebrate Christmas with society even though it is officially early. I came up with two main points, it is nice to celebrate with all the people in our life, even beyond our immediate family,... Continue Reading →

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