Online Religion Classes for High School Students

In this time of Covid 19, I have had to do a great deal of my teaching for my classes online, making videos each week for most of my classes to help them augment their study at home and help keep them on track. As you can imagine, this takes a great deal of time, and is one of the major reasons for me not posting often on this blog.

However, it seemed a good idea to make these available to anyone who might want them, and as they are still being made each week, catechists, parents and grandparents whose children are unable to attend religious education might find these helpful to assist them in broadening the minds of their children.

As such, I offer them free to anyone who will find them useful, and have posted them to Youtube in playlists that will be updated each week as I add these classes videos.

6th Grade Religion

During 6th grade I walk my students through the Baltimore Catechism. This might be useful for those preparing for first communion, or as a refresher in the basic of the Catholic Faith.

7th Grade Religion

During 7th grade I walk my students through the Hebrew scriptures, also called the Old Testament. Especially important is the Torah, the first 5 books of the Bible which receive special attention.

8th Grade Religion

During 8th grade, I walk my students through the Christian Scriptures, also called the New Testament. Of special importance is the Gospels, the direct accounts of Jesus’ life, and as such they are the prime focus of the class.

10th Grade Religion

During 10th grade, we walk through the Paschal Mystery, trying to understand the meaning of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. During the second semester we look at Church History, looking at the impact the Paschal Mystery had on the world.

11th Grade Religion

In 11th grade, we walk students through a very basic understanding of the core beliefs of the major world religions and worldviews, comparing and contrasting them with one another.

As this series of videos was made for my classes during the Covid pandemic, they are by no means comprehensive courses, nor does they contain the nuance normally present in a full class. These classes are designed for a group of mixed faith traditions, and so while Catholic in nature and content, reflect the diversity of religion in each class. While this was made for a specific class in a specific time, you may yet find it useful for your family, and so I submit them with all its imperfections for your free use.

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