Basic Christianity
A Guide for the Complete Novice

What is Christianity all about? in this series….


Welcome to Basic Christianity!

Why are we here?

Every human person at some point asks the question, “Why are we here?” In this first video of our series, “Basic Christianity”, we will begin to look more deeply at this question.

Religious vs Materialist Views of the Universe

When it comes to where the universe comes from, the world is primarily broken into two camps, the Religious View, and the Materialist View. 

Science vs Religion

Is there a war between science and religion? If you watch modern media, you might think so! Perhaps the divide isn’t as large as we think…

Differing views of the Cosmos

In this brief survey of the non-monotheistic beliefs of the world, we will look at the major patterns of how people believe the universe came to be.

A Timeless God – The God of Christianity

What does the God of Christianity look like? What do Christians think about God? It might not be what you expect.

Roots of Christianity – God’s Covenants with the Israelites

At first, God reveals Himself to us slowly. In this video, we see how God revealed Himself to humanity, most especially in His covenants with the Israelites.

The Maddest Words Ever Spoken

Jesus says the craziest thing that has ever been uttered by human lips, that he is God Himself. What can we think of someone who says such a crazy thing? Is there any reason to believe him?

Why do we believe Jesus?

Jesus claims that he is God. How are we supposed to believe such a claim? What kind of evidence do we have?

The life of Jesus

Who is Jesus? In this short video, we just go over the basics to give us an overview of the life of the man whom billions have worshiped as God Himself.