Not Quite Farewell

If you follow my blog at all, you may have noticed that my posts have been nearly absent all summer. There is a reason, and I suppose it is high time that I share it with you.

I had the good fortune of having my formation director over for dinner a couple months ago, and I shared the fact that I had started this blog, and of the wonderful community of people it was creating. While he very much respected the endeavor, he shared some very valid concerns over its existence. After much thought and musing, I felt his concerns were quite valid.

So I have taken the summer to really think it over, and decide if it is really worth the risk for me to have this blog before my ordination. I have come to the conclusion that this is not the right time. It is my full intention to come back and rebuild this site after my ordination, but that is years down the road, and you know how that can go.

I have loved all of those who have been dedicated to this blog, and have really enjoyed corresponding with you. Please, feel free to shoot me a line anytime, you can find my contact information on my about me page. You can also find me on Facebook, I’d love to be your friend.

God bless you all, and please continue to keep me in your prayers, as I keep you in mine!


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