I want your input!

Alright, so I have two projects going at the same time, and I am hoping to fuse them together into one. I could use your thoughts!


I desire to bring content you find useful and at least mildly entertaining.

What do you want more of in my writing on the blog?  Tidbit facts? Life as a deacon or a theology teacher? Educational pieces? What interests you? Random thoughts of a man who wishes he were holier? Give me a little direction, and I’ll run with it!


I am looking at putting together a video series on Youtube for those interested in learning about Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular, like a Catholicism: 101 course. God willing, I eventually hope to expand this into a full-blown educational and apologetical apostolate. There are lots of videos on faith, but they are usually more personally and spiritually helpful and a bit light on the knowledge. I think we need both, and will leave holiness to greater men and women, and do the humdrum educational stuff. (I keep waiting for someone better looking and more intelligent to do this, but the Youtube channels still seem empty of the basics.)

What would you consider fundamental? Here’s my current plan for Basic Catholicism:

  1. Why are we here? (Introduction to the series)
  2. Religious vs Material views (heavy on CS Lewis here)
  3. Religion vs. Science (Fundamentalism vs. Scientism)
  4. Evil in the World (If there is so much Bad, how can there be a good God?)
  5. Differing views of the Cosmos (Survey of worldwide religious belief)
  6. Roots of Monotheism – The Jewish People
  7. God draws His people to Himself – Covenants
  8. The Problem of Sin
  9. The Maddest words ever spoken (Jesus says he is God)
  10. Why do we believe Jesus? (Apostolic Witness of resurrection)
  11. A survey of the life of Jesus (a life lived backwards)
  12. The core teachings of Jesus
  13. The Kingdom of God
  14. Beatitudes
  15. God as Father – Adopted Children
  16. Unfolding of the Church (Early works of the apostles Birth of the Church
  17. The apostle to the Gentiles
  18. Was the early Church Catholic?
  19. The four marks
  20. The Sacraments
  21. The birth of Scripture
  22. Tradition and Scripture
  23. The Didache
  24. The Papacy and hierarchy
  25. The Church Fathers
  26. Persecution of the Church
  27. The Saints
  28. Constantine, a new dawn, and new challenge
  29. Heresies and Councils
  30. The collapse of an empire, the birth of civilization (Monastic Evolution)
  31. A not so dark age
  32. A reformation or a revolt?
  33. A time to build fences (Trent)
  34. Time to open the windows (Vatican II)

Any thoughts or ideas you have for other series or videos I could produce? Or vote on ones you think would be well received. Here’s what I have so far:

  1. Catholicism 101 (this seems the place to start)
  2. A free RCIA program for poor parishes
  3. Same for Confirmation classes
  4. Church History (survey, and particular)
  5. Saints (as an educator, these would be really helpful)
  6. Social Justice
  7. Theology of the Body
  8. Hot button issues
  9. Catholic Family
  10. Marian Dogmas
  11. Sacraments (There are already some good ones here)
  12. Bible Study
  13. CCC Overview (I’m thinking of a really long version walking it through)
  14. Humanae Vitae
  15. Eucharist (Great stuff already exists, but I hate to leave the most important topic undiscussed)
  16. Mass overview (Breaking the Mass into parts, and history of)
  17. Rosary
  18. Jesus Prayer
  19. Christian Meditation
  20. Health and Christianity
  21. Virtues
  22. Church Fathers (series with overview and spotlights on individuals)
  23. Catholic Holidays
  24. Penance
  25. Keeping your kids Catholic
  26. How to find a spouse (My most popular classes with college students!)
  27. Do I have a vocation?
  28. Structure of the Church
  29. Papal election
  30. Eschatology
  31. Homilies by cycle (for homebound)
  32. Making rosaries / Prayer Ropes
  33. Sacramentals (series with spotlights on individual sacramentals)
  34. A long-term Q&A series to deal with questions as they arise

I will update this page with your ideas, and put a link on the homepage, so if you get an idea later, please come back and tell me!

Blessings, and thanks for your help!


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  1. Wow, what an enterprise! This all sounds great. I would love to see it all. Oh!,as far as how you look, you are very handsome, God made you that way, so don’t put yourself down. Remember, you are loved.

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